S/mileage Are GO!

At the Mano & S/mileage concert Tsunku has announced that S/mileage will get their major debut. Details are here. I think their single may be released 26 May. Personally I think this is great news. I’ve loved their singles so far and their image is just so cute. All four girls fit together really well and have such charm. Good Friday? Yes but GREAT SATURDAY! v(^_^)v

Oh as well as that news S/mileage will also be starring in a stage play and getting their own tour later in the year (plus Mano Erina is going to Hollywood for an event in July). All good!

11 responses to “S/mileage Are GO!

  1. Awesome!! Can’t wait for their debut! Just curious do you know the total number of smiles they got?

  2. As far as I could make from the youtube vid of the announcement it was 16000 indeed.
    Now all thats missing as that big moasic board on my wall at home, either original or wallpaper style. And yes in full size. I WANT IT

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