Michishige Sayumi – La

Some caps from the making of…

Edit: Hello! Fansubs have now subbed this. The download is available here.

Sayu (in English) at the end of the dvd “see you again”. You sure will.

H!P pb’s have just gotten hotter and hotter in the past year or so and this is surely the pb of bikini heaven. Sayu looks stunning in these bikinis and also her hair looks great too (see? I can look upwards…sometimes). Check out this pic from the pb…

Somehow Sayu looks even hotter than ever before and – considering this is someone with so many scorching photobooks –  that’s really saying something. I do wish she’d develop her personality to be a bit beyond the whole self-obsessed image she has but in terms of looks she is way more than just cute. Anyway I’ll leave you with a few pics I’ve found…

And check out little Sayumi in that last pic (bottom left). Yeah she’s still got the same face. She just grew upwards with it.


6 responses to “Michishige Sayumi – La

  1. My god, I need to go to the beach…

    Absolutely incredible. She’s never been a favorite of mine because her personality is about an inch deep (that’s 2.54 cm to everyone in the world but us idiots in the US). But damn, if those aren’t some fine bikini pics. The camera doesn’t have any trouble with this girl (nor the photographer, I’m guessing).

    Thanks for the great picspam.

    • I agree with you about the personality…but also about the great bikini pics. ^^ If she’d just develop her personality a bit she’d be one amazing idol. As it is she’s one very attractive looking one but one who can be annoying at times. She does look beautiful though. Very beautiful. Doki doki!

      • Doki doki, indeed! But seeing as she’s already 20 – soon to be 21 – I’m not counting on her to “put down the mirror” and grow in a meaningful way (besides how she’s grown into that bikini…wow).

  2. Man she talks a lot in this… Finished it but pending translations at the moment =P

    I don’t quite like the Blur/Dream-like filter they use.. it’s overused now… Especialyl from Kusumi’s JUMP DVD, it worked for that, but now they are abusing it in my opnion^^

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