Okay below is a selection of H!P stuff I’ve acqired accidentally through bulk buys or whatever. I don’t want this stuff. I just want rid. Prices do not include postage and packing. I will ship worldwide. Payment through Paypal only. You can pm me on Hello! Online here. If you don’t have an account there but have one on another forum then please just leave a message here telling me the forum. I’ll probably have an account there too. Otherwise just leave your e-mail and I’ll contact you.

Over 150 Momusu trading cards. May involve some duplicates but not too many. Basically these are all duplicates of ones I already have and I don’t want to just throw them away. So you can take them for £2.50. Plus postage. Sold.

Okay some odds and sods here. You can have the two Miki Fujimoto…things (phone straps?) for £2 for the two (plus postage). Sold.

The three little yellow carded chain things (absolutely no idea what they are) you can have for £1 for all three (plus postage). The three members depicted are Natsumi Abe, Kago Ai and Tsuji Nozomi. I’ll also throw in the Tsuji Nozomi figure thing to the right of them.

The two bigger figures in the carded pack top right you can have for £1 (plus postage). Again I have no idea who they are.

The Yaguchi Mari strappy thing is £1 (plus postage). Sold.

The Tsunku book you can have for free (you just pay for postage and packing). Taken.

The photo holder thingy is £1 (plus postage).

The Magic of Love T&C single is £1 (plus postage).

The Abe Natsumi solo fanclub single Manatsu no Tanjoubi (English translation: Midsummer Birthday) plus spoken message track is £3 (plus postage).

The Mini Moni stickers (over 50 of them) and the Mini Moni trading cards (over 30) are £2.50 (plus postage) for the whole lot. Sold.

A Melon Kinenbi 2003 fan. Yours for just £3 (plus postage).

Ogawa Makoto picture (plus free see through smaller pic thing as shown) £1 (plus postage). The plastic covering is ripped but the picture inside is fine. Sold

Megumi Murata picture £1.50 (plus postage).

Saito Hitomi pics. Top two rows pics 25 pence each (plus postage). Simply state row number (top or middle) and picture number (left side 1 to right side 6).

Bottom row first four pictures look a bit like a set so I’ll sell them as such for 50 pence (plus postage).

Final two pictures 25 pence each. Plus postage. If you want all the pics I’ll do a deal. £2.50 for the lot.

Top row far left first picture and middle row first four pictures are a set. £1 for the five plus postage. Sold.

All the other pictures are 25 pence each (plus postage). Alternatively all the pictures for £1.50.

The Shibata Ayumi keyring thing is yours for 50 pence plus postage.

Kaori pics. 25 pence each or all 12 plus the Tanpopo pic for £1.50. Sold.

Again pics 25 pence each or you can have all 8 Yaguchi ones for £1.50 or all 4 Miki Fujimoto ones for 50 pence. The Yasuda one is 25 pence as are the two evil chipmunk Ayayayayayaarivaariva…Aya ones. Although the Aya ones are buy one of them get the other whether you like it or not. So both for 25 pence in other words. Strikethrough = sold. Only the Yasuda pic remains.

Again all 25 pence each. The top row third and fourth pics are actually cards. You can take all seven Yossie pics/cards (including the two with Maki and the one with Makoto) for £1. The Ai and Kago pics are 25 pence for the two. Again as with everything postage is not included. All Yossie pics sold. The Ogawa pic sold.

Inaba Atsuko photos. The whole lot (16 including one with Goto Maki) for £1.00 plus postage.

Again all pics 25 pence each. No idea who the top left one even is though. I also have absolutely no idea what Niigaki is wearing! 😛

Two Ai-chan pics sold. Niigaki sold. Umeda sold. Both Reina pics sold. Both Mika Todd pics sold.

Tsuji Nozomi photobook (includes poster) £3 plus postage. Sold.

If you want to see my ebay feedback just say. I’ve had over 500 transactions as a buyer and seller with 100% positive feedback.


18 responses to “SALE!

  1. Who is that below the Tsuji photo with her hands open wide? It looks kinda like Sayaka Ichii, maybe? Can’t place her…

    • Hi. The only items I have left with MK members are are the photos here

      and here

      Plus I have a little Ayumi square keyholder type thing and I think I may still have the Megumi A4.

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