H!P Girls part 28 – Maeda Yuuka

I’ve been meaning to make this picspam post for ages. After the likes of Lovely, Junjun, Nacky-chan and Reina there is one other current H!P member who is pure mesmerising gold. Maeda Yuuka came to the attention of many through her inclusion in the H!P super-group High-King. She managed to hold her own despite the heavyweight company she was in. After that she was involved in Shugo Chara Egg which, despite the lolilicious costumes, passed me by. However then she was put in S/mileage. S/mileage have had four great indies singles and are now heading toward their debut. They have also had four great pv’s for those four singles…

Great songs and great pv’s. The one thing that worries me with this group is that their major debut will lead to them becoming as bland as the other H!P groups often tend to be. S/mileage have their own catchy and cute thing going on and I’d hate to see that diluted.

S/mileage are cute through and through but to me the one who stands out by far the most is Yuuka. I just can’t take my eyes of her. Even when S/mileage were being used as backing dancers for Mano Erina in her live shows and pv’s I always found myself looking more at Yuuka than Mano. The Sekai wa Summer Party pv is a case in point. Everytime Yuuka is in the background that’s where my eyes are. She just has that indefinable exceptionally cute something. Many love the Kago Ai lookalike that is Kago Kanon…sorry Fukuda Kanon. However for me it’s Yuuka all the way. She doesn’t remind me of anyone else. She’s her own unique beauty.

Being a wota it’s important to find idols to support. Ai-chan is number one and I certainly also support Nacky and Junjun (almost every HelloStoreUSA order features those three in one way or another). I also to a lesser extent support Reina. I’d support her more but I’m spread thin. However since S/mileage goods started to be sold I’ve also been buying Yuuka pictures. In fact I’ve recently made a pre-order that consisted mainly of those cute Momusu bunny pics but with a healthy dose of Yuuka thrown in. I buy photobooks of a lot of the members too. Since late last year I’ve bought C-ute’s, Nacky’s, Koha’s, Rika’s, Eri’s, Sayu’s and will definitely get Ai-chan’s too. I’ve supported the likes of Ai-chan for several years now. The problem is that once members graduate they often go on to tv work or theatre work and all but disappear to me. I only see Koha through her blog now as I’m not particularly into watching unsubbed tv shows. So it’s important that as a H!P wota new members come along to ensure that whatever happens to the current favourites I’ll still have an interest. My love for graduated idols doesn’t diminish. I still love seeing Yaguchi, Nacchi and co but with the exception of Hangry&Angry it’s not as if I can show that support through purchases of music or photos or pb’s and dvd’s. Momusu has always been my first love in H!P. But the only members I really like enough to say I’m a big fan are the aforementioned Lovely, Sexy Panda and Sexy Cat. The two oldest members and one who has been there for coming up to seven years. If they weren’t there I doubt I’d be able to transfer my support strongly to any of the others. Away from Momusu there’s still Nacky, Maimi and Chisato but who knows how long for. C-ute members are dropping like Tiger Woods flies. But never fear for S/mileage are here. Wada Ayaka has her charm (even if she is possibly a foreigner hater) and Kanon/Saki are cute enough. Yuuka though…DOKI DOKI. Pure cute overload. My H!P fandom is assured for many more years as while there is Yuuka there is a wota in me.


6 responses to “H!P Girls part 28 – Maeda Yuuka

  1. Yeah, I’ve always found her to be mesmerizing too – like some kind of cute little magical Japanese elf girl or something. She’s got me charmed anyway.

    Oh yeah, awesome picspam as always.

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