Spring Gives Me Hop For The Future

FAAAAAANSERVICE. Oh yeah. I can find a lot of things to criticise H!P for these days but for once one of the things isn’t their live costumes.  This time of the year always makes me feel like a horny bunny. 😉

Four of my favourite members there. All looking totally gorgeous. I can’t find enough JunBun pics though. 😦

Here is a rar if you want all these pics in a quick easy to download way.


5 responses to “Spring Gives Me Hop For The Future

  1. Great pics! You’re right that H!P does a great job with live performance costumes. Thanks for the rar.

  2. The idea to pair these costumes with Kimagure Princess was absolutely brilliant. Heck, some of them look so good that it’s hard to believe that they’re candids.

    • Well when you’re Reina there’s never a bad picture. She spends whole concerts pulling faces. :p And Ai-chan is of course pure loveliness anyway. But yeah great costumes. ^^

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