Recent Purchases

I’ve been on a bit of an online shopping spree recently and so I thought I’d do a round-up post. Well I like to enthuse about the stuff I’m enthusiastic about. So in no particular order here is just some of the stuff I’ve recently got my wota hands on.

Hello! Channel mook.

A nice idea for a magazine book thing. Give all the H!P members a little bit of love. EVEN JUNJUN AND CHISATO! Inside are articles and pics. Pics like this…

Ai-chan is welcome to come and teach me a thing or two.

Here’s some pics from online sources (better quality than me just photographing a book!)

Digging the boots! ^^

Hmm these kind of remind me of Resonant Blue Reina. You know what I’m talking about right?

Chisato climbing up a big rock. She can climb up my big rock whenever she wants…etc.

We also get a peak inside some H!P members bedrooms. Well more like we get to see some trinkets from H!P members bedrooms. Like Niigaki’s…

And of course wherever Niigaki goes Mitsui is sure to follow. So here’s Mitsui’s room…

Hmm…it was cleaner than I expected.

Anyway it’s an interesting book to have. Probably better if you can read Japanese though. Even so I’m perfectly happy to have it. It’s like a little document of Hello! Project 2010. Cool!

You may also have noticed the S/mileage Otona ni Narutte Muzukashii!!! cd and single v up in that first picture. I love this group. Their first four singles have all been great and I now have the cd and single v for each one. The pv for this latest one is as fun as Suki Chan’s was and the song is addictive like Koha on crack…

I just hope Tsunku doesn’t mess it up by making them into some boring copy of the other H!P groups.

I also recently got the Buono and C-ute albums…

The Buono one kicks idol arse just as you’d expect. Opening track One Way = My Way sets the tone perfectly and the album doesn’t let up at all. Importantly it doesn’t let down either. My personal favourites are the final two songs, the ‘this album’s Goal’ of Tabidachi no Uta and the perfect soundtrack to Buono that is We are Buono! ~ Buono! no Theme. Of course after a few more listens any one of the other 10 songs may overtake them for favouritism. I probably should have mentioned the singles My Boy (My Beau) and Bravo☆Bravo (Hurrah☆Hurrah).

C-ute meanwhile have gone from being pure win (the last few year’s S/mileage in effect) to being a bit boring but with great and criminally underused members. How can a group of just five members that boasts Maimi, Nacky, Chisato and Airi amongst those five (along with a little fella who is starting to remind me of Diego Maradona…

See?) Sorry where was I? I shouldn’t really start putting pictures in brackets it’s very confusing…yeah…four great members and C-ute are still on the slide. H!P’s creative team needs new blood. Even so there are songs on Shocking 5 that are perfectly decent. Personally I love Shigatsu Sengen (April Proclamation) and the pv for it…

Sadly with the exception of the one great single included – Bye! Bye! Bye! – the majority of the album is a bit underwhelming. Such a shame.

I also very recently (at the weekend) got the Berryz 6th Otakebi Album along with Shoko Nakagawa’s 3rd anime covers album…

This is my first ever Berryz album purchase and it’s largely thanks to the excellence of Dakishimete Dakishimete that I decided to jump in. I also rather like Watashi no Mirai no Dannasama. Oh and it’s great pv…

Have I mentioned yet that Chinami now rules the Berryz roost as far as I’m concerned? She’s just so great to watch.

Anyway I’d love to say that both albums are amazing audio treats but I haven’t actually had a chance to listen to them yet!

I also recently purchased a few photobooks from ebay…

I’ve wanted to get my hands on Sigh Yummy, Lovely and Sexy Cat for years but these pb’s will do instead (until July…Icelandic volcanoes with unpronounceable names notwithstanding). Michishige’s 17 has some exceptionally cute pics in it but it’s the two collections I’m most impressed with. I’ve never bought a pb collection before so didn’t know they were quite so thick or that they come in an outer case. Very nice. Got to love the little extras too. Some Ai-chan cards and an offshoot book and then a Reina card. Sayu’s does have a nice poster too mind you.

Finally just today I received a parcel from HelloStoreUSA. Photos! I wish postage was a bit cheaper from HSUSA but at least those of us in America and Europe have somewhere to get the latest H!P products. With the added advantage that we know they are coming from a reputable source. Anyway I finished my Yuuka set. I had the four on the right already but today got the four on the left…

So cute. I also got a S/mileage set…

The members pictured left to right in order of awesomeness there. Oh I got those two cute Maimi photos as well.

The pictures I’m most excited about though are…

KONKON!!!!! v(^_^)v How could I pass up the opportunity to purchase some new pics of one of my favourite ever idols? Konno is looking absolutely lovely in these pics. She doesn’t lose any of her impact or appeal. Just perfect. ^^

I’m also waiting for a copy of Sayu’s latest pb. But that’s stuck in import tax hell at the moment. Grr. That will be my last purchase  for a while though (except for Takahashi Ai’s pb. Well I’ve GOT to get that obviously). I’m going to see Hangry&Angry at the end of May in Camden and then it’s Momusu in Paris in July. I’ve been loving the idols for many years now but I never thought I’d get to see them live. Well not in Europe and certainly not in the United Kingdom. So I’ll be counting the pennies a bit more pver the coming months. I think I spend too much anyway but I do believe in supporting the idols. They give me so much enjoyment so it’s the right thing to do. Pay back that pleasure whenever you can. Otherwise one day maybe there won’t be a Hello! Project anymore and we’ll all start having to like AKB48 instead. Scary thought.


2 responses to “Recent Purchases

  1. Great round-up, MT. I really like the latest Buono! and Berryz albums. I do like the latest C-ute to some extent as well but I was hoping for more. Some better songs and better use of the talent in the group (and maybe drop the bobble-head for a 4-nin C-ute) would do them some good.

    Love the S/mileage pics, especially Yuuka. I wish I had cash for all the pics, pbs, mooks, etc. but I’ve really had to focus on just CDs and the occasional DVD lately.

    I would guess your collection has to be pretty damn impressive by now.

    • Well when it comes to cd’s and dvd’s I tend to go for the overseas versions. I just can’t see the point of paying £28 for an album. I’d rather have the Japanese version and support the idols through the Japanese market but the prices are just too high.

      I think MaiMai may grow into something interesting in time. I don’t mind her really. t’s just I find her the least interesting. But then she is the youngest and may develop.

      Yuuka is just cuteness overload. Mind you S/mileage as a whole are just cuteness overload. 😀 Such catchy tunes too.

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