Hello! Blog Poll 2010 RESULTS!

Paul over at Hello! Blog has today posted up the eagerly anticipated results for the 2010 H!P poll. The results are…

Oh yeah. 😀 Ai-chan is still number one! The wotas have spoken and once again they have spoken the truth. There can only be one winner. There can only be one Ai-chan.

Away from the top spot I’m really surprised that Eri is number two. I expected Reina and Airi to be battling for that spot. I’m also really surprised at Niigaki being so high up. I am not surprised but exceptionally happy that Junjun pushed her way up to 7th place. Well done to Captain for grabbing 8th too. Airi dropping down to 9th was a bit of a shock. I had her down as joint favourite. However with Miyabi taking tenth spot and Momoko as high as 6th it does mean that all of Buono are in the top ten. Amen to that.

Looking lower down and Maimi’s low position of 14th is a SHOCK! SHOCK! SHOCKING SHOCK! Which is perhaps quite fitting given the use of the word SHOCK in C-ute’s recent releases. It’s not at all surprising to note who the lowest Momusu is. Yes it’s Woof Woof and being down in 16th is really pretty poor for a member of the flagship H!P group. Meanwhile 18th, 19th and 20th places host three of my personal top six. Poor Nacky, Chisato and Yuuka. Still Yuuka did win the S/mileage battle and I expect all of S/mileage to be a lot stronger this time next year…well except maybe Saki who seems a bit boring. I’d have hoped maybe Nacky and Chisato could have gained some more fans through the C-ute Alo-Hello dvd last year. Sadly it was not to be. I guess C-ute’s lacklustre recent releases may have had something to do with it. Having said that, even though I love them, these two members (like Hagiwara Mai who is down in 21st) have never been that popular with the masses. One last thing worth mentioning is Risako’s low ranking. It surprises me in that I always thought she was popular with H!P fans. However it doesn’t disappoint me as I’ve never seen what all the fuss is about.

As for the group positions…

Pretty much no surprises there. Except maybe for Mano being beaten by her backing dancers.

So there you have it. Ai-chan is still number one. Momusu are still number one. Most of Momusu are in the top ten except for Linlin (11th…so close) and Mitsui (LOL). Personally I’m massively pleased with Ai-chan still being at the top but I’m also exceptionally happy that Junjun is starting to get the credit she deserves. Now how about H!P giving her a pb and a solo dvd?

3 responses to “Hello! Blog Poll 2010 RESULTS!

  1. What really surprises me is how low the C-ute members ranked – presumably because of Shocking 5.

    I’m also a bit confused about how some Berryz members ranked so low. IMO, Risako and Maasa should both come before Miyabi.

    I’m curious to see how he S/mileage girls will do next year. It doesn’t really surprise me that they bottomed this year.

    Mitsui Aika at #16 – have you people lost your friggin’ minds? WTF!?! This just doesn’t make any sense to me. I don’t even know where to start a rant about that…

    Given the member ranking, I’m a bit surprised C-ute took 3rd in front of Buono!.

    As many have already cited, it’s sad that Mano’s backing dancers are now outranking her but I really love S/mileage (thanks to MT for making me give them a second look) and I can’t say I disagree with the results.

    Many thanks again to Paul for all his work on this poll.

  2. Seriously, putting Aika anywhere but 25th? What? Why? I tried to find a way to assign her 87th place just to separate her as far as possible from the poll. Had to reluctantly give her 25th. Ugh.

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