Idol World Cup 2010

CDevil over at CNoEvil has come up with a cool idea for a sort of Fantasy Football World Cup but using idols. How does it work? Well he’s allocated certain idols to certain teams (the teams they are allocated to won’t be revealed until after the competition starts). So all you need to do is pick one person from the Captain’s group and one from the Strikers group (plus three others just for decoration). If the team your Captain is allocated to wins the World Cup then you win the Idol World Cup and get a prize. There’s also a prize for the highest scoring team. This is calculated by adding all the goals of your Striker’s and Captain’s countries together. Finally there’s a prize for the team who let in the least goals. Again this is based on the Captain’s and striker’s countries but this time the winners have the lowest goals against. Confused? Who cares. It’s a competition, it’s free to enter and there are prizes!

Anyway I’ve entered a team. Due to some of my fancied players being taken I’ve had to cobble together some solid, dependable but not too flashy players. So who have I chosen? Well my team (Hentai Gatas) consists of…


Nakajima Saki

Well that’s a fitting Captain’s outfit huh? Okay so she may look permanently on the verge of crying but considering I’m English and so destined to exit any football competition on penalties that’s pretty much a standard requisite for any footballer of mine. Plus she’s actually pretty reliable…or should that be pretty and reliable? Well no matter, she’s both. She’s also a good girl who’ll lead by example and not get herself sent off for seeing boys (or having bunions as it’s otherwise called). Yeah no foot injuries for my Captain!

Captain’s position: Sweeper


Konno Asami

Okay so she’s more familiar with a goalkeeper’s role but she’s got a good kick and her chubby cheeks should help her notch up a few goals. My team is going to be very attack-minded so what better striker could you have? Whip some balls across the face of the goal and there’s a 90% chance the cute chubby-cheeked idol’s face will get a deflection. Sorted!


Momoko Tsugunaga

Like with drummers, all goalkeepers are as crazy as batshit so here is where Momoko will shine. If anybody remembers Bruce Grobbelaars wobbly penalty saving antics during the 80’s you’ll have an idea of what Momoko is like…just in her normal day to day activities. But put her on a football pitch (or anywhere else with people watching like a stage, a supermarket, underneath a cctv camera, etc) and she goes really insane. Only the coolest striker will be able to concentrate when bearing down on Momo. Plus as can be seen from the above picture she also has a good punch which should help clear some corners. Yes I think it’s safe to say that at some stage during the Idol World Cup there’ll be a Momo Hero Punch.

4th player:

Okada Yui

4th player’s position: Up Front (Kansai)

With Yui in your team you’re guaranteed to score. The tried and tested formula of having too big ones up front should pay off handsomely. It is my gameplan to knock my balls over her top and then watch her dribble before getting into the box and ramming it home. Also I reckon she’ll be quite good at playing football too.

5th player:

Ishikawa Rika

5th player’s position: Midfield

Hey I believe in the beautiful game and for that you need a beautiful midfield playmaker. Well they don’t come more beautiful than Ishikawa Goddess Rika. I’d certainly like to ‘make a play’ with her. With Rika in the heart of my midfield the tournament is as good as won.

And so with my teams anthem Irropoi Onna Sexy Baby blaring out of the tannoy it’s game on. I’m hoping for lot’s of goals and lots of girly kissy hugs in celebration.



7 responses to “Idol World Cup 2010

  1. Thanks for the tip, MT. I went and set up a team right away last night after reading your post. I should mention that I know absolutely nothing about the sport so I just copied positions off of other people. I don’t have any clever, witty comments about why I chose my team members but here’s my team:

    Team name: Sukeban Deka
    Team anthem: Natsu DOKI Lipstick
    Captain: Suzuki Airi
    Captain’s position: Playmaker
    Striker: Matsui Jurina
    Goalkeeper: Yajima Maimi
    4th player: Tanaka Reina
    4th player’s position: Defender
    5th player: Watanabe Mayu
    5th player’s position: Midfielder

      • Indeed. If nothing else, I now have a reason to follow the World Cup. It doesn’t generally get a lot of attention around here – Americans can’t even call the sport by its real name.

  2. Hey MT. I really enjoyed your commentary at C No Evil – especially about the two Konno Asamis trying not to destroy the universe. Good stuff.

  3. Oh yeah. Read it yesterday and dropped this comment today. Guess I should’ve read it again instead of relying on my pathetic memory.

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