Recent Purchases

Thought I’d do a quick update on the items that have found their way to the MT household recently. First up… S/mileage!

Yes it’s the major label S/mileage debut Yume Miru 15sai. I got both the cd/dvd versions  and the Single V. Gotta love S/mileage. I also got that poster three times due to pre-ordering from CDJapan. Also gotta love a bonus. 😀 Oh ignore the C-ute dvd in there. I’d just grabbed that to hold down the poster. Anyway I also subbed the pv using C’est la Vie‘s translation…

Next up…*nosebleed alert* it’s Ai-chan’s Katachi photobook. Here’s some samples from an uploader somewhere or another (just in case you’ve been hiding under a rock and haven’t seen them yet)…

Ai-chan still has that indefinable something. That heady Audrey Hepburnesque mix of pure beauty, a true self and an almost childlike energy. Oh and she also has a nice bum but that goes without saying. Seriously though she has the most beautiful expressive eyes and a truly heart-warming and mesmerising smile…and a nice bum. Okay I’ll stop. I don’t want to bum anybody out by being an arse. The last thing I want is for people to stop being behind me because I’ve hit rock bottom I derriere say…I mean dare say. Joking aside, hands off Ai-chan. She’s mine. MINE! Oh I hope I get into an autograph session in Paris. I was hyper enough meeting the also exceptionally beautiful Ishikawa Rika but Lovely is my all-time number 1. No contest. Such a beautiful personality. Such a good voice. Such a good dancer. So damn pretty. PERFECTION!

Moving on and today I got a package from HelloStoreUSA. I’d pre-ordered some of the Momusu bunny pics and also (although I’d half-forgotten) some S/mileage and Maeda Yuuka pics. I say half-forgotten because I didn’t realise I’d ordered so much Yuuka goodness. 😀

Yuuka looks as kawaii as always of course. I know a solo dvd has been announced for August. I’m hoping they announce a photobook to accompany it soon. A Yuuka photobook would be a must have!

I really like the six picture S/mileage set as well. Nice to get a mixture of group pics and couplings. Pity there’s not a Yuuka and Wada coupling though as they’re my two favourites. Sometimes Dawa can almost take my attention of Yuuka in pv’s. Almost.

Can’t beat a bit of bunny. Not sure I like Lovely or Junyum’s hair though. Reina suits the look the most. Does she actually age? She can still pull off that super cute but also sexy look with ease. Sayu’s hair is nice too though. Mmm…pigtails. 😀

Soon I should also have the Morning Musume Alo-Hello 4 photobook. My first taste of Junjun in pb form. About time too. From the preview pics I’ve seen it’s gonna be another great pb…

Oh come on, you didn’t expect a post mentioning Momusu without a single Mitsui dig did you? Oh very well here’s the photoshopped pic with a human face superimposed…

And finally here’s a pic where presumably Ai-chan wasn’t available so they got someone who looks vaguely like her. Well it just doesn’t look like her face. O-o

21 responses to “Recent Purchases

  1. In the unlikely event that I and my Pirates win the Idol World Cup (or one of the other awards in the contest) and all the autographs are gone, I’m going for the MM Alo Hello 4 PB.

    Also, I did want to get a PB from each member of HP before I went back to get a second from any member (well, except Mari, I’ve got 2 out of 3 of hers and if I get a chance at the third, I’m going for it), but from those preview pics, Katachi just might be the second Aichan PB I decide to get.

  2. Good stuff there MT.
    I myself has today been to the H!P stores in both Ueno and Shibuya emptying my pockets there, only to after go to the Fashionable Stage play to once again empty my pockets on a complete Reina set.
    Oh, and I got a ticket for the H!P 2010 Summer concert as well! So I’m nearing my limits here!

    Interested in some Ai and Junjun Fashionable pics? I have 3 of each of the 7 members other than Reina and one Nacky pic I don’t want :p

    Look forward to the Fashionable DVD guys! It is GREAT

    • Woah…you’re in Japan? Cool. And you get to see a H!P summer concert? Ah that’s my dream. One day I’ll get there. Mind you I am seeing Momusu in Paris in two weeks so I’m happy anyway. 😀

      I’d be interested in any Ai, Junjun and Nacky pics you have goind spare sure. What do you want for them? I think they were my top 3 in the Hello! Blog pol lcome to think of it. 😀

  3. Yeah, I suddenly found myself in Japan. And I’m staying for another 7 weeks or so.. =D
    Looking forward to that H!P summer concert yeah!
    And I was considering going from Japan to Paris and back only for that concert you know… but I found out that would be rather expensive:p

    Anyways, I dun need much for them, Ai Junjun and Nacky makes for 7 pics. Gimme a cheap prize you’d be willing to pay and I can ship em over to you when I get back to Norway…

      • They’re all L size. I’ll see if I can’t grab you a 2L size pic of Ai and Nacky as well from the Fashionable, if you’d like me to? since I managed to get me a 3rd row seat for the play again on sunday :p
        Man am I hooked…

        Around 5-7£ sounds good.

  4. Nice batch of purchases. I really like the S/mileage stuff. I also bought both CD/DVD versions of the new single but didn’t have enough cash for the Single V. And, as I’ve said before, there’s no way I could afford all the awesome photos and stuff you manage to pick up. Besides the S/mileage ones, the bunny outfit pics are also incredible.

  5. Only Reina wears high heeled wedges when she’s meant to be on holiday. haha!

    you bought soooo much. my HSUSA order should be coming soon. i better be here before we leave for PARIS!!!! XD XD i need that JunJun shirt. :3

    • YES, one must simply love Reina ^^
      I’m too big a fan of her. Don’t know if I dare tell how much I spent on stuff with her in 1 day…

      • Reina is totally overdue a photobook. I find it strange it’s been two years now. Makes no sense.

        Anything yu grab I’ll be happy to take. :p 3rd row? That’s a couple of hours prime viewing. 😀

  6. YES! I know right… 2 years is too long a time. I’m dying here you know :p

    Ok then, I’ll see what I can get my hands on 😉

  7. Morning, Morningtime!

    So, heres a picspam of the stuff I can offer you:
    15xL size photos, 8x2L photos, 1 H!P mouseoad, 1 Morning Musume Pen with strap and 1 A4 photo of dear JunJun

    I have a bunch of double sets of Photos of Reina, and I have photos of the rest of the bunch as well if you or anyone else might be interested.

    • Oh. My. God. All those Ai, Nacky and Junjun photos…how much do you want for them? Ai looks amazing, Nacky so cute and Junyum all Junyummy. Oh and I’d be interested in seeing what the Reina and Sayu pics look like. ^.^

  8. I’m thinking somewhere around 25-30£ seeing as I mainly bought the Ai and Nacky sets for you. And the A4 size is limited edition.

    Thats like what, 1.1£ pr photo. And I can add any Reina/Sayu for 0.5£ each.

  9. Awesome, also no problem. and yeah, I’ve only shopped from HSUSA twice, and thats where I stopped. Everything from the US gets tolled automatically here. so I had to pay way more for everything. So I buy my stuff elsewhere.

    I’ll sort out all the photos for you then.
    Gotta pack em neatly you know!

    And yeah, definitely gotta love Momusu, thats why I got my hands on a 2nd row ticket for Fashionable in Osaka this Sunday! You know, I’ve spent too much money on these tickets! Like seriously, the 1st and 2nd row tickets totals 750£

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