H!P Eggs 1 – Miyamoto Karin

First of all apologies for not updating too often recently. Although I’m as into H!P as always I’ve found my creative juices not flowing quite as much as they have done in the past. Add to that work, the World Cup and preparing for MOMUSU IN PARIS (YAY!) and I’ve been a bit pre-occupied recently. Nevertheless I want to post more and recently I’ve found myself becoming more interested in the Eggs. There’s two or three in particular that have really caught my eye. So I present to you part one of my new picspam series H!P Eggs. The first subject? The INCREDIBLY CUTE AND ADORABLE Miyamoto Karin.

If cuteness was a crime Karin would be serving several consecutive life sentences. She is like the stereotypical cute Japanese idol only cuter and a bit more different looking. The small height (she’s still only 11) plus her cute expression and her innocent big eyes just make her adorable looking. She’s already been put into the new Mini Moni and hopefully she’ll be given plenty more to do over the coming years. There’s enough interesting Eggs around right now for a new generation of H!P groups to come along. Instead of C-ute K-awaii maybe?

Still so tiny! XD

The real queue to hug Karin would be a bit longer!

Woo…love revolution? 😀

Karin there sandwiched in-between future H!P Egg subjects Tanabe Nanami (also super cute) and Okai Asuna (Chisato’s younger sister who is delightfully similarily tomboyish).

The time will come when some of my favourites will leave H!P. Takahashi Ai is already 23 and although that doesn’t matter to me I am also aware that one day she’ll probably want a love life. The no boyfriends rule will play it’s part eventually. Junjun is 22 so similarily the time will come sooner rather than later for her to bid us a fond farewell. C-ute members drop like flies so Chisato and Nacky could go at any minute. O-o But with the likes of S/mileage and some of these Eggs H!P should have a bright enough future…as long as Tsunku rediscovers his songwriting talent (far too often missing these days). I will always follow the ex H!P members but if they don’t carry on in music it’s hard. Having said that I’ve seen Hangry & Angry recently proving there is musical life after H!P. Also I still manage to keep up with Yaguchi a bit (there’s a great 10 minute subbed tv clip on the Tracker of her looking after a lion cub. The cub is not much smaller than her. 😛 ) But when they leave H!P it can be a struggle. I adore Koha but other than checking her blog out I can’t really follow her much. That proves how much I rely on an active musical career and it’s associated media involvements to keep up with my favourite members. Constant tours, singles, pv’s and promotional appearances are certainly easier to keep up with than a regular tv show appearance on early morning tv! But as I said H!P has new members coming through who, if managed well, could have exciting futures. None more so than Kawaii Karin!


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