H!P Eggs part 2 – Okai Asuna

Okai Asuna is Okai Chisato’s younger sister (she’s 14). She also looks as competitive, moody, tough, strong and attractive as her older sister. Frankly she looks like she’d beat the crap out of you if you crossed her…which I like. Well I say ‘like’ I mean ‘love’. 😛 As much as I like the cute types I also love idols with a strong personality. The Okai’s both have plenty. Asuna can look moody but she can also look cute and I like that contrast. Also despite her strong jawline and marginally butch features she is pretty. Just like big sis. I find her very interesting. A great prospect.

Variety is everything. There should be a wide variety of idols out there. For young girls who want to be cute there are plenty but there should also be idols for girls who are more tomboyish or who don’t have the cutesie type of looks. Asuna shows it’s possible to be attractive without acting super-girly. She also shows you can act girly if you want and still be attractive. A variety of personalities in an idol company is also of course good for fans. Contrasts show off the strengths of all members and different types of idol give all fans someone they can follow, no matter what their ‘type’. Groups made up of members who are all similar would throw up no interesting quirks in personalities or interesting rivalries. I also think there’s a good message in having differing personalities band together.

Personally I’d love to see a new group formed from some of the current Eggs. Some experienced ones are far too underused at the moment (Kikkawa Yuu especially) and some of the younger ones (Asuna, Karin, Tanabe) are so ready right now for active careers. I would love to see Asuna put into a new group. S/mileage are the best thing to happen to Hello! Project in years. Another group coming along right now would really make the future look rosy. Some S/mileage & (insert new group name here) tours (like the Berryz & C-ute ones of old) would be fun and invigorating. Well regardless I have a major soft spot for Asuna. I just hope she doesn’t become another nearly girl underused by an often lacking-in-direction management.

I wonder what the odds are on a future Okai sisters photobook? Yeah not good. Even so it’d be a great pb. 😀

Ah cute Eggs together. Those three on the right plus one or two others would make an interesting fledgling group.


16 responses to “H!P Eggs part 2 – Okai Asuna

  1. I really like the way you summed up the need for variety in an idol company – I totally agree.

    I also think these Eggs posts are great because I don’t really know much about these girls and this is a good way to get started recognizing their faces.

    Asuna definitely has that same spunky attitude that I love so much about Chisato. I look forward to seeing what she does in the future.

    As for Karin? Yeah, if cuteness is a crime, I will testify against her in court for being one of the most ridiculously cute idols to come along in years. She’s just precious.

    Thanks as always for the great picspam round-up.

    • Yeah that spunky attitude is really fun. I love that in a young lady. It makes me root for her. Just like with Chisato. Also it contrasts nicely with the more typically cute personalities you tend to get in H!P. 😀

  2. I dare not say anything about these girls. I would just get arrested for it!

    And I am now looking forward to another few hours of Theater where my 3rd row ticket just turned into a front row ticket with a seat, which is, most of the time right in front of my favorite MM member!!

    And again… I could get locked up for talking about the Eggs you know… The future looks bright indeed!

    • Agreed. Please strike all previous comments about the Eggs… Will address the issue again in a few years.

      Front row!?! Holy crap! Have a great time, nin0bb!

  3. YEP, we must not talk further until a couple years.

    Yeah! I know right, I’m so friggin lucky xD More viewing of Reina for me!

  4. Okay, so I just have to figure out how to kill you and replace you with myself before then…that should work.

    All kidding aside, Reina’s definitely a fav of mine as well. Hope you get a chance to make eye contact since she’ll be so close. But do try to control yourself…

  5. Hehe, you do time travel as well?

    It’s my 3rd time this week watching Fashionable :p
    And yesterday at 10th I managed to make eye contact with her. So I’m all hyped for today!
    Man, I feel like I’m so crazy… Been spending to much money on Reina stuff this trip.. Including these really expensive tickets :p
    And yeah, I’m going to have to control myself. Theres plenty of chances for more MM at the H!P 2010 summer concert!

    I somehow wish I could share all this with someone. I’ve been so lucky with the tickets, I’ve basically been living outside the second hand ticket vendors!

    • Front row? OMG! That is seriously cool. I’m hyper about maybe getting into an autograph session at Paris (two are first come first served and two are a lottery system). I think I’d just melt infront of Ai, Junjun, Reina, Sayu and Eri. But front row tickets to a play…that view and for such a long time too…It must have felt like Paradise. 😛

      Oh and I knoiw what you mean about the Eggs. But for the time being they are so adorable. I think it’s okay to say that. 😀

  6. I hope you make it to that autograph session!

    Yeah, front row, I managed to get a new ticket today for that. I was sitting right in front of where Reina spent most of her time on stage, and this was also the final act in Tokyo so the ending talk was twice as long and there was an encore and stuff. And thats where I made my move, cus Reina was standing 4-5m right in front of me then! I exchanged myself 5 smile sessions with Reina, including lots of eyecontact.

    And here the weird part. Aika wanted to get my attention! she was all hyper and two hand waving at me with the biggest smile ever xD
    It was actually way cute.

    My heart is still beating like hell!

    Also, Adorable Eggs are OK!
    Good luck in Paris! oh, and I’ll see if I can’t upload some pictures of the Ai/Jun/Nacky stuff I can do without

    • Aika? Cute? I’m saying nothing. >.> 😛

      The front row must have been awesome. It sounds like you’re having the time of your life out there. One day it’ll be my turn. One day… *crosses fingers* Yeah I need to start saving up at some stage. Maybe putting money aside each month to a Japan fund. Hmm I like that idea…

  7. Well, I know right, Aika? cute? but yeah. It happened.

    Yeah, all of a sudden I am having the time of my life, and with no regards of the costs.
    Tomorrow I’m going to go get a ticket for the Osaka performance as well :p I’m staying just near Osaka when they have it there and I’ve found a couple half decent tickets. I’m also going on a Ayumi Hamasaki concert, always wanted that.
    And maybe I’ll get one more ticket for the H!P summer concert. you know, just spend money :p

    Setting aside money is smart, thats what I had to do, but I lucked at at work as well being forced to work overtime for 6 months straight. So 2 months vacation in Japan is awesome!

    And again. O-M-G Reina a smiled at me repeatedly!

    I damn nearly managed to talk a security guard into letting me inside the theater again for some inside private meeting. But the attempt failed in the end. And they all drove away in cars with all black windows after, so thats sad

    • Six months overtime? Yikes. You deserve the two months vacation!

      Lucky you didn’t get into the private meeting…you might have got arrested. You may have ended up spending more than two months in Japan. 😛

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