Happy 16th Birthday Okai Chisato

Chisato is 16 today. Waaaah. Sweet 16! Here’s hoping Tsunku GIVES HER A SODDING PHOTOBOOK AS A PRESENT! And I’m not talking about one of Airi’s either! >.>

Okai has the competitive, sometimes moody, tomboy type of personality at times. But she has also grown up to be quite beautiful. Add to that a good voice and I think that’s a winning and unique combination. I love her spunk, her voice and her looks. Plus her personality in C-ute contrasts well with the other members and leads to some fun viewing. Her rivalry with Maimi in her Yorosen week for instance. Contrasts bring out the personalities of all members. It makes things a lot more interesting.

It’s great to have seen her grow over the years. After all she’s gone from this…

To this…

Those last pics are my favourite set from any Hello! Project member from the past year or so. Breathtaking! Anyway I hope we get to see a lot more of Chisato over the coming years. I’d love to see her get more vocals in C-ute. She more than deserves them. Also of course as I’ve mentioned countless times I’d love to see her get a photobook and dvd. Basically I’d like to see her have a higher profile. She’s really blossomed over the past few years and I think she will only continue to get better and better in so many ways. Happy 16th birthday Chisato-chan!


4 responses to “Happy 16th Birthday Okai Chisato

  1. Too true. Definitely an incredible girl. Quite a selection of excellent photos here. I’d have to say my favorites are toward the top in the outfit from Cinderella (I think?), the second pic in the red, white, and blue sparkly sailor-type outfit, and the stage photo in the red and black outfit.

    Of course, breathtaking is absolutely the word for that last set of photos. I still think her tomboyish younger photos are really cute too though.

    I think she’s always been a strong presence in C-ute and I hope she gets more exposure over the coming years. And I hope she has a happy 16th. Quite a fabulous young woman she is.

    • Oh, bikini rock climbing…why didn’t I think of that?…why didn’t H!P think of that?…why aren’t you working for H!P? Do you know anything about properly doing idol hairstyles and avoiding some of the recent hair-monstrosities that H!P has managed to produce?

  2. Clocutron – Her personality does give her a strong presence. I think it’s always shown up in their tv appearances.

    Yonasu – A bikini rock-climbing pb…that would give off some interesting angles. Genius! You should have a job with H!P. 😛

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