H!P Eggs part 4 – Kikkawa Yuu

After two small and one medium sized Eggs it’s time for a large one. 😛 Amongst all the Eggs there are two who have by far more experience than the rest. One of them is Kikkawa Yuu (the other one is Kitahara Sayaka). If you saw the Hello! Morning episode that showed the eighth generation auditions then chances are (if you’re not blind and dumb) that your favourite auditionee was Kikkawa Yuu. She has a good voice after all and she is very good looking. She seemed like a perfect fit for Morning Musume. I still see it as a big disappointment that she never made it through. Still unlike with most auditionees she didn’t disappear. Tsunku obviously saw enough potential in her to put her into the Eggs. From there she joined Koha and the aforementioned Sayaka in Milky Way who were GREAT! Also of course attached to that she was the voice of Hanasaki Kobeni in Kirarin Revolution. The fact that Yuu looked so at home along side the sodding wonderful Kusumi Koharu is only further proof that she has everything needed to make it as an idol.

Now at the age of 18 Yuu is a senior Egg. With plenty of experience already she see is like a star amongst the Eggs. She is crying out for a chance to shine in a full-time unit. Frankly I’d still see her fitting into Momusu. If not I’d love to see her given a chance somewhere. Anywhere. Please? A new group made up of some of the Eggs with Yuu as leader would be cool. As I’ve mentioned before maybe a new C-ute type unit? Yuu could easily be the Maimi of the group. 😀

Ah Yuu really does fit in well with Koharu. She really should be a star by now. She just needs a longer-term opportunity.


2 responses to “H!P Eggs part 4 – Kikkawa Yuu

  1. I really liked Yuu in Milky Way. She’s very talented and really quite beautiful. It’s unfortunate that she’s still stuck in the Eggs at age 18. I agree she’s a good fit for Momusu (and really should replace Aika – doesn’t take a friggin’ rocket scientist to figure that out).

    Yuu really deserves more exposure (And Sayaka as well). Now if Tsunku would just get his head out of his ass…

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