H!P Eggs part 3 – Tanabe Nanami

10 years of age? Aww. Here is another Egg who hopefully has a bright future. Is it just me that sees a Nacky vibe with this girl sometimes? Anyway she’s already been put into Shugo Chara Egg which pretty much makes her a S/mileage replacement. Good shoes to be filling. She is also the third youngest member of H!P (behind those two little abominations Frances and Beelzebub or whatever they are called). So to be working hard already suggests that her future will be bright. Well she’s certainly another one with great potential. It should be fun seeing her progress over the coming years. Hello! Project still knows how to find them. I just hope they know what to do with them.


4 responses to “H!P Eggs part 3 – Tanabe Nanami

    • Yeah she does have a Nacky vibe…especially when she has her hair in pigtails like in the blue and white dress pics. Similar beautiful big smile too. So sweet and innocent. Aww. 😀

  1. Not sure I would’ve seen it if you didn’t mention it but I agree about the Nacky thing with Nanami. Very cute.

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