Farewell Okada Yui

In case you haven’t heard Okada Yui has announced her contract with Up-Front has ended and she wants to move on to pastures new (possibly to become a make-up artist). A Hello! Online user has made a post here with some translations.

What can I say? I know she’s been out the limelight a lot since v-u-den split (she was doing some tv shows mind you). Even so I’m gutted. Okada Yui was that rare thing in H!P. A member who was sexy and funny. It seems a shame her career fizzled out. She was the best thing about Yo-Yo Girl Cop and always made an impression in H!P live shows. She was also constantly funny in Hello! Morning sketches. The move from H!P to Up-Front hasn’t benefited many members so far. Melon Kinenbi did okay for a while…then split up. Otherwise only really Rika and Yossie and Maeda Yuki seem to have done much since leaving. I have to say yet again the management are crap. It makes me wonder about Koha’s future.

Anyway instead of getting all emo about it let’s celebrate the good times. Great v-u-den songs and pv’s, great live appearances and of course great pics…

I guess the only thing left to say is Yui-chan Nanni mo Iwazu ni I LOVE YOU!

Oh yeah and I have a message for H!P/Up-Front management…


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