Morning Musume – Alo-Hello 4 subbed

Hyakupa subs have translated the recent Momusu Alo-Hello 4 dvd. I’m not really intending to do a review as such, more a few random comments.

Okay that’s a good start.


Ai-chan wants to know where to put the turtle? I have a few suggestions but they’re a bit (well a lot actually) pervy. >.>

Ah fair enough Eri. Okay I think Ai should bend you over and…

Nobody else has ever complained. >.>

Yeah it was a bit quick but I’ve been err…tired a lot recently and err…

Oh relax. I joke of course. Ai and Eri were making jewellery for each other using beads. I know what type of things I’d have used beads for with them but apparently they were for external use only so…

Ai and Eri do make a nice pairing though…

Beautiful. So glad they didn’t just do the lame thing of putting Ai with Niigaki.

Meanwhile Linlin was paired with Mitsui for the jewellery making and photoshoot and then Junyum with Sexy Cat.

Not so much fan service as Junjun service. 😛

Then Sayu was paired with Niigaki. That’s 21 minutes of a one hour dvd gone and all we’ve seen is some jewellery making and a bit of posing? Alo-Hello 3 had beach races and beach volleyball. Ah well onwards…

Onwards to the Genki Pika Pika pv they decided to shoot. Oh dear Buddha no. I know what you’re thinking “it’s eight girls in bikinis dancing on a beach. How bad can it be?” Right? Well nothing can quite prepare you for the sheer embarrassment of this pv. The dancing is dreadful, the close-up’s are windy and the whole thing is just awful. I wouldn’t mind, I mean it’s just a bit of fun right? Just having a laugh on the beach yeah? Yeah well I’d rather not see the members doing something so amateur. It makes those Youtube dancers seem really professional by comparison.

After Gunky Puker Puker we go on to get a photobook making-of style montage of each member prancing around on the beach, posing elsewhere, etc. The thing is that’s what the dvd’s that come with photobooks are there for. Recently there’s been this trend of soing this. Making the full-length dvd’s into nothing more than extended pb making-of’s. It’s infuriating. I want to hear the members actually speaking (except Mitsui). I want to see them doing something more interesting than simply posing. Whether it be sight-seeing or competing against each other in sports like with Alo-Hello 3 or even just mucking around in pools like in C-ute’s Alo-Hello or shopping like in Berryz Koubou’s. It’s fine as long as they are lively and we get to hear them actually talking. Watching them posing while crap instrumental music plays makes these dvd’s nothing more substantial than a bit of soft porn. Where are their personalities? They have them (not Mitsui) and I want to see them. It’s like just deciding they are eye candy only so why bother? Now I may make the odd pervy comment or several (hundred) but really I adore these girls (not Mitsui) and love their personalities (not Mitsui’s). I find this increasingly common trait of making them mute and having them just pose prettily just undersells all that they have to offer. It downgrades them and considering the up and coming idol groups out there like Momoiro Clover and the groups already upped and came like AKB I don’t think H!P can afford to just have the members be pretty. It’s a bit like having weekly or daily tv programmes and having them do boring things…yeah like that would have ever happened. >.> Besides which surely that’s what photobooks are for. Dvd’s offer the opportunity of so much more than just pretty visuals. I love pb’s and will always support my favourite idols by buying them. But I don’t see the idols as meat. I love them for their personalities first and foremost. Otherwise I’d still be liking Fujimoto Miki (I used to like her in the early days because she looks good. Then once I found out the type of personality she has I went off her big time. Good lucks don’t cut it on their own). If I buy a pb I expect pictures. On a dvd I expect a hell of a lot more. I expect their personalities to come to the fore. If H!P’s management can’t make the most of the idols (and they have shown time and time again that they can’t) then H!P’s management are clueless wankers. Oh and Momusu’s singles sales are dropping while other groups are taking their place so this isn’t the time to have clueless wankers for management (if there is ever a time anyway. Which would seem doubtful).

Anyway rant over so here’s some eye candy anyway.

Ah Junjun. So deserving of her very own pb’s and dvd’s.

And it’s been too long since Reina had her own releases too.

Pretty girl is pretty (but also bitchy. Still you can’t have everything).

I think I’ll set up a Twitter account called EriChanSleep and see if I can convince Hello! Online that it’s really Eri’s account. >.>

I’ve been finding myself liking her turtleness more and more recently. Seeing her with Ai-chan earlier in the dvd makes me wonder what it’d be like if Gaki left and Eri became sub-leader. I’d like to find out.

Still as awe-inspiringly gorgeous, sweet and angelic as always. DOKI DOKI!

So 41 minutes in and what do we get next? The actual photobook shoot. Ahahahahaha…that’s just taking the piss. Although at least they can talk a bit now. Anyway here’s some more picspam. Well what else is there?

Lucky tree.

Everyone wants to hug Ai.

I do wish Niigaki would stop gurning. I’m starting to think less of her than I do of Mitsui. And that’s saying something. Also I’m not sure now which one of them looks more like Jimmy Krankie. It used to be Mitsui no question but now Niigaki with that hair…

Err…no. No you’re not.

Junjun gets her arms around everybody. A girl after my own heart. 😛

Mitsui! MITSUI! Put it on your head! XD

I would like to be on that bed…instead of Niigaki.

License to thrill. And so on.

Right back at ya! >.>

And that’s a wrap. I think H!P’s management is so poor their head honcho may actually be Sepp Blatter. And I can’t think of a more insulting thing to say about any organisation than that. Even so I adore these girls (not Mitsui) and would rather spend an hour watching them watching paint dry than I would spend an hour watching AKB members do pornography (which with at least one member you can do now apparently). My negativity is not towards the girls (except Mitsui) it’s towards the management for not making the most of the beautiful talented idols they have (not Mitsui). Yes I like seeing them in bikinis. But I love seeing them doing interesting and fun things while their personalities shine through. Surely the whole point of the idol industry is that the multi-talented idols have different types of personalities? There should be an idol for everybody. When you mute your idols and just have them posing then it’s more like the adult entertainment industry. H!P idols aren’t supposed to be those kind of idols. Leave that to the ex-AKB’ers. Let the individual personalities shine through. Let each member add what they have to create a strong dynamic idol group with it’s own unique identity. Hello! Project really needs to sort itself out. This is disappointing. The talent they have (not Mitsui) and are wasting is such a shame. I want to feel close to my idols. Therefore in order to do that I want to see and hear them doing interesting things. Demoting them to nothing more than models eradicates so much of their personalities that you are really watching them while thinking back to earlier dvd releases and tv show appearances in order to remember the personalities. So I watch it thinking “Ai-chan you are wonderful” but I’m having to think back to other times to remember her actually being wonderful when it should be plain to see here in front of me now. So in short what a stupid waste of a dvd. 😦


5 responses to “Morning Musume – Alo-Hello 4 subbed

  1. I so completely agree, I could bitchslap H!Ps management back to where they came from lately. A DVD like this supposed to be like what Alo-Hello! 3 was. I always liked the looks of the girls (not Mitsui) but after I got into all the programs and stuff they did it just got a whole lot better (not Mitsui). Looks without personality doesn’t work. (Mitsui just barks)
    And how their sales are degrading is definitely a result of this, (or Mitsui?) though I seem to be buying more and more…

  2. Huh. After reading that, I’m not sure I’ll bother watching it. Don’t get me wrong – they’re beautiful (not Mitsui) and I love to watch them (not Mitsui) but this just seems a bit pointless (especially Mitsui).

    You’re totally right about the H!P idol vs. AKB idol ideal, I think. I like a lot of AKB48 and SKE48 music but I really don’t care about any individuals in the mix. With H!P, I find myself very dedicated to the individuals in the groups I like. There are plenty of pics out there if you just want to look at them but these are supposed to be “personality” DVDs. Go figure.

  3. Ninoob – Yeah to me these dvd’s are supposed to be about showcasing the personalities, not just the looks (although the looks are an added bonus). I guess us wotas keep the faith anyway and keep on buying in order to support ‘our’ idols.

    Clocutron – the phrase “personality dvd’s” is so spot on. It’s what these are supposed to be and it’s what’s lacking so badly. Such a shame. Such a wasted opportunity.

    • Yeah, that’s what I’ve liked about a lot of the Alo-Hello DVDs but, from your comments, this one sounds more like a video photobook than anything. I may watch it at some point but it’s not first on my list and I certainly won’t buy it.

  4. I didn’t expect this one to have an almost empty script (). 😦

    They should have at least added a new member to spark some new interest on the members/pairings (). And only then should they have gone wandering in Hawaii (which they didn’t, and maybe someplace else next time…).

    And maybe they were out of bread that time, so they just went for a meatshow ().
    /lame :E

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