Momusu at Japan Expo Day Four

Day four started with us all dumping our bags in CDevil’s room as he was staying an extra day. This was a godsend as it meant not having to lump all our luggage around the expo. At the Expo the others went to the huge Momusu lottery draw queue while I headed back off to the Jelly Beans stall. This time I got a Yu-ki single V clips dvd and her first solo album plus she posed for another picture and gave a handshake. Win! The pic came out kind of blurry though…

I also went back to the Hello! Project store and bought some more stuff. Oh and I took some pics of the costumes (Junjun’s apparently)…

After that I went and met the others who were still queueing. So I wandered off again and came back a while later to queue up myself when the queue wasn’t so long. Two of the people in front of me won tickets but sadly I never. I’d have loved the chance to get their autographs again. I’d bought a poster on the first afternoon which I’d have loved to get signed and I’d have liked to have a second attempt at actually saying something to the members. Even so I got into one signing session and that’s more than some people so I can’t complain. Also the weekend was just so good that I couldn’t possibly be unhappy! The fact we could all watch the signing sessions taking place really made the difference. Even if you weren’t lucky enough to get an autograph you could still see the members so close and get a wave off them. I mainly seemed to end up on the right hand side which meant I was closest to Linlin. She waved a lot including at me a few times. 😀

Anyway after the draw I attempted to find the Q&A session. I’d hoped to meet jltos again as well but hadn’t seen her yet. By the time I found the Q&A session it was almost over so I hung around outside hoping to spot Hexi and co but they had left early and gone to a cafe. However lucky strike number three in three days meant I bumped into jltos again. She was just about to leave to catch her plane back to Finland but she had a birthday card she’d made for Sayumi. I took the card and promised to get it handed over at the signing session then we said our goodbyes. I felt kind of sad we hadn’t spent any time together that final day but even so I’m really pleased to have had her company for the two previous days.

Eventually I found the others at the cafe and as luck would have it Hexi had a ticket for the signing session so she handed the Sayu card over to the staff. Sadly for the first time the security were all over the signing session stopping people taking photos. I know a forum member from Hello! Online had managed to get into one of the autograph sessions as a photographer one day so whether that was a cause or not I don’t know. Either way it was annoying not to be able to take photos that final session. But on the plus side we got plenty more waves from Momusu and they all came to the front of the stage at the end to wave goodbye.

I did manage a few snaps before the guards moved in…

Once we’d had some food and drink we left the Expo and headed to the airport as we heard Momusu may be on the 7:30 plane. Someone then saw the manager with lots of bags so we knew we were on the right track. Then all of a sudden there they were walking down the corridor. They walked past us only a few feet away with no barriers or anything between us. They waved and said goodbye to us all. It was just amazing. Ai-chan looked directly at me at one point. Oh happy happy joy joy! Then Mitsui looked at me and when I looked back she waved so I did too. They then queued up and we waited for them to leave. At times they turned around and waved and then as they were leaving Ai-chan shouted something but I can’t remember what (thank you?) Then they were gone. So amazing. Once again they had been so positive towards the people who had waited to see them. To have them just feet away from you looking directly at you is just unbelievable. Oh and Reina looked gorgeous. She really does have such a striking clothes style. Boots and a short skirt! 😀 Plus she had the patented Reina hair and some badass sunglasses on. I wish I’d gotten some photos but Airport security told us no pics.

Once Momusu had gone it was time for us to head to the hotel, get our bags and head back to the airport for our coach. It didn’t leave until half 11 but we all needed some food and drink. The coach journey home seemed longer than it had done coming. That may have been French border control and the wait for a Channel Tunnel train or it may just have been the fact that there was a sense of sadness at it all ending. I have to say that I loved that four days. I can’t think of anywhere else other than an Expo where so many people can just dress up and be themselves (well be other people sort of but you get my point) without fear of ridicule and/or violence. Everyone was so happy and it was great walking around all the stores. Also seeing so many ecstatic Momusu fans really brought home how wonderful Hello! Project is. The fact people can travel from all over the world just because of this one group and then meet each other is just brilliant. You end up meeting people you would never have met otherwise. What’s the translation of the line from Koko ni Iruzee! again? Music knows no country borders or something similar? Damn right. I met Germans, Mexicans, Americans, French, Canadians (but I don’t think I met any French Canadians) Finnish people and many more besides. And everyone had such a good time. SUGOI!

I felt strangely free for all four days. Like the shackles of the rat race had been broken. I know it won’t last and it’ll only take a day or two back at bitch-central where I work before I feel run down again but even so that whole weekend was one long free and glorious period I will never forget. I hope Momusu or someone else from H!P comes to Europe again soon. We need to do all this again. XD

I’d like to thank Hexi, ptom, Lampshade, Paul Elliott, CDevil and jltos for a great weekend. Being back in the ‘normal’ world with nobody to talk to about Ai-chan’s perfectness or the beauty of Junjun (shut up ptom!) is going to suck. Normal life is rubbish. Our lives are so much better!

I’d like to finish with a song. *Clears throat* Oh you won’t be able to hear me anyway so here’s some pics of some stuff I bought but haven’t mentioned yet…

Pocky Pocky Pocky :p

Those last two pics were the front/back of the S/mileage Mano Erina visual book covers.


6 responses to “Momusu at Japan Expo Day Four

    • Do you call them pins? I call them badges. They are a nice set.

      Where are you from? I hope you do get to see Momusu one day. It’s just such an amazing feeling!

      • Yes I do 🙂 what’s on them? It looks like their French Expo promo outfits (the picture they had for the expo) but I can’t tell for sure.

        I live in the US, on the East coast. I probably would’ve tried to make my way over to AX last year, except I already had summer plans :/ maybe they’ll come to NYAF or something over here on the east coast (and it’ll be announced early enough so I can make plans to go)… I can only hope. It seems everytime they (being H!P) announce an appearance I already have plans for something else…

    • Yeah the badges are the Expo costumes the same as the exclusive photoset. A nice collection of badges. A good keepsake to remember happy times. 😀

  1. I should get typing up my part 3 and 4. but argh! it kinda makes me depressed. it was such a totally amazing weekend! i cant believe it’s been and gone! like a dream. one of those “no! stupid alarm! turn off so i can go bck to sleep” dreams. XD no words to describe how totally awesome it was. 🙂

    still cant believe i touched junjun’s costumes! and didn’t know about it! lol

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