Momusu at Japan Expo Day Three

Day three started with breakfast of orange juice and tea before we decided to head off to the Expo. We hadn’t bothered queueing up overnight for the first come first served Momusu autograph queue as we figured there’d be no chance of getting in anyway. This turned out pretty much correct. A lot of the people who camped out overnight didn’t get in. Anyway after two days of baking hot sun it started to rain just as we were walking to the bus stop. And then it really rained…and thundered…and turned the street into a river. Not too good for us but probably even worse for the poor sods who’d camped out overnight.

When we got to the Expo we went to see the Momusu signing session. We were at the right of the stage right by the barriers. Suddenly Momusu walked right past us the other side of the barriers. 😮 I wish I’d had my camera ready! Anyway Momusu were again great. Waving at everybody and making lots of signs. The crowd were having a lot of fun at each signing screaming out names and getting waves. My camera was still rubbish though. >.>

That’s about the only postable pic from the signing. Then they walked off past us again and I got these…

Crap pictures but they were so close! I’m sure some great pictures will turn up online at some stage.

I split off from Hexi, Lampshade, ptom and Paul Elliott as I didn’t really fancy the Kirarin Revolution cosplay thing and I really wanted to look around the Expo properly and find the Jelly Beans stall. It’s safe to say I got hopelessly lost and walked around for about an hour before finally finding the Jelly Beans store. Yu-ki was there signing cd’s, posters and so on as well as posing for photos. I bought the two Jelly Beans cd/dvd’s pictured below then went back the next day for the two Yu-ki solo releases (an album and single V clips).

Here is the picture I took…


Anyway I then wandered around lost some more. I think I probably wandered around on my own for about three hours then suddenly I spotted jltos. Joy! It turns out she’d been on her own as her room-mate had flown back home due to being in the middle of moving house (and country). So I had the pleasure of her company for the rest of the day. It also turns out that the reason Momusu had walked past us where they did was that they went to the Hello! Project Shop after the signing. jltos had been there and they walked right up to the store and posed for pictures. I am so jealous! 😛

After grabbing something to drink with jltos we then found the Kirarin Revolution event that was nearly finished so we waited for the others. I got two free hugs of random girls who had walked past in a big free hugs crowd. 😀 Then we wandered off to a stall that had some stupidly priced merchandise (Nine Smile dvd 95 Euros anyone? B-Sides Collection 90?) However the stall also had calendars incredibly cheap including C-ute and Berryz latest ones. It may be half-way through the year but for 7 Euros I was not going to pass up a C-ute calendar…

January seemed quite hot this year…


Oh and happy July…

They also had photobooks for 45 Euros which I passed up on.

Eventually we headed back to the hotel and since jltos was staying nearby we arranged to order six pizzas (four of them actually looked edible) and jltos, Lampshade, Paul Elliott and I stayed in ptom and Hexi’s room and watched the Nine Smile dvd for the evening. Some lucky wotas had gone to the Eiffel Tower and got an Eiffel of Momusu (bad pun alert…oh wait I should give that warning before the pun). Yes apparently Momusu had gone to the Eiffel Tower and happily posed for pictures with fans. Momusu were great this weekend with their attitude to the fans. Only to be expected from such a wonderful group but even so it needed saying. Regardless of what Momusu were doing we had a good time watching Koha’s graduation concert while some hotel guests sat on the lawn outside the hotel playing a guitar and saxophone. It was quite surreal background music that kept coming through. It was like some Sam Spade film noir. Momusu walked into the room. As soon as I saw them I knew my life was over. From that moment on it was NoLife (bad pun alert…oh yeah too late again. Sorry!)

About midnight we all headed off to our own rooms. The third day was over but it had involved some good Momusu moments. Especially them walking right past us. Also I’d spent most of the day with jltos who I found I had a lot in common with. Away from seeing Momusu and seeing my fellow Brit wotas again the other great thing I’ve taken away from the weekend is meeting jltos. She is absolutely lovely and her company for those two days was so enjoyable (arigatou!) If anyone from H!P ever goes to Finland in the future I’ll make sure I’m there! 😀


2 responses to “Momusu at Japan Expo Day Three

  1. Those are some AMAZING photos you managed to snag of them walking by! You guys are lucky that the staff was so lenient with cameras.

    Also, that’s a steal on the calendars, I just hope no one picked up the Coupling Collection or the Nine Smile DVD, that’s just ridiculous.

    • I know the Nine Smile dvd and Coupling collection reduced in price from 95/90 Euros to 65/60 but they were still massively expensive. As was the We Are Buono dvd for 65 Euros one place was selling. 😛

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