Momusu at Japan Expo Day Two

Day two started with us all having breakfast in the hotel. I wish I’d taken a photograph. There was some cereal made out of chocolate, lots of bread, a toaster to make your own toast, some chocolate spread and not much else except for some refreshingly cold juice and some tea (I missed tea. I missed it a lot). After ‘breakfast’ (tea, orange juice, tea, orange juice and orange juice for me) it was off to the Expo to see how CDevil was getting on. Although he had booked two hotel rooms it seems both he and his band of mercenaries had no intention of sleeping in their beds at any stage. So he, a Mexican, an American and a Canadian (that sounds either like some modern retelling of The magnificent Seven or the start of a joke) had camped out overnight to get good views come the concert. It worked as I saw them on the big screens quite a bit come the concert itself.

Walking to the concert venue in the morning we got chatting to an English girl who recognised Hexi from her blog. She was staying with a Hello! Online user called jltos. We all walked to the concert venue partly because we wanted to see CDevil, CatchFiveBats and co and also because we wanted to find some shade and find where the concert venue was so we could not get lost later. After hanging around a while I decided I really wanted to go to the autograph draw queue so while Lampshade, Hexi, ptom and Paul Elliott stayed at the concert venue I walked to the Expo with two people I’d only just met. 😛

Of the five signing sessions over the four days two were first come first served (the FNAC Champs Elysee one and one on Saturday Morning) the others were a lotto system where you hand in your ticket, the staff sign it so they know you’ve been through once, then you draw a ticket out of a box. It either had a smiley or frowny face. I didn’t win but jltos did and I was so happy for her. Even though we’d only just met I already knew she was such a nice person with such a positive attitude that she deserved it so much. After the draw we went to the Hello! Project stall. jltos bought the special expo set of photos to get signed. I bought a set the day before. They aren’t signed but a nice memento…

We then went to the autograph session where she queued up and I watched. Morning Musume walked out onto the stage dressed in their bunny girl outfits. So incredibly cute! If I’d known my camera was so poor I’d have bought a new one before I went!

We then went to get some food and drink before we headed to the concert line.

The concert line was pretty long already even though it was only half four. I could see Hexi at the front of the queue with MiniMico (who is mini) and CDevil, Lampshade, ptom and Paul Elliott were all around there too. Instead we queued up a lot further down the line. There was a great atmosphere that even the sudden rain couldn’t dampen. There were plenty of official photographers coming out taking pictures of the crowd and a cameraman too. The hours were spent in heady anticipation and were made more pleasurable by the good company I was in.

Come 6:45 we were let in to the venue. There was still 45 minutes to go but we spent the time chatting to an American girl who lives in France and who was there with a French friend who doesn’t speak English. Everyone was so happy at the prospect of seeing Momusu it was just a surreal and gleeful experience. The music being played before the concert included Bran Van 3000’s Drinkin’ In LA which is pretty much one of my favourite songs ever and that made me giggle to myself for some reason. But then came half 7 and the concert started. Momusu. There. On stage. Performing. On stage. There. In front of me. On stage. There! What? Is this a dream? Throughout the concert I kept turning to jltos and she had such a big smile on her face. everyone was cheering and waving glowsticks. The atmosphere was great. Momusu performed Kimagure Princess early on which I love. Seeing them perform that live is when it REALLY hit home that this is Momusu. There. On stage. In front of me. There. No really, there! XD

There was a great moment during the mc’s where each member introduces themselves. Before the concert there’d been some plan to sing happy birthday to Sayu during her bit (does anybody know which forum or whatever had organised it?) As soon as she stopped talking the crowd started singing but at different times and speeds so it didn’t sound like much at all at first. The fact we’d interrupted Mitsui probably made her worried but I think it was Ai-chan who caught on to what was happening first and started pointing at Sayu. Then Mitsui started waving her arms to get the crowd to sing it again. We all did and in unison this time. Sayu looked genuinely surprised and touched. There were tears in her eyes. It was a great moment. It’s not even her birthday for another two weeks. XD

Half-way through the concert the surprise guest turned up. It was Nakazawa Yuko. We’d been hoping for Koharu but had heard on the morning of the day before that it was Yuko instead. Still she got a really warm reception and seemed really happy. She spoke to an interpreter a bit and a few clips from early pv’s were played. I don’t totally understand why she was there but she was warmly received. I do think it was a bit long though and would have preferred more Morning Musume. They could have performed a few more songs in that time. Even Yuko singing one of the early singles would have been good. I just don’t get why they had her there and jusy played pv clips.

Morning Musume came back and did some more songs and I don’t mind saying that I was a bit teary eyed at several stages of the concert. I love this group and seeing them in person was so far beyond what I ever imagined was possible. The night was topped off by their encore of How Do You Like Japan? One of my favourite album tracks ever. The fact they also did Renai Revolution 21 that night too (my favourite single) just really made this a special night.

It was an awesome day spent in good company (something that was to continue on the Saturday due to a chance meeting. 😀 Chance meetings can be great). I will never really be able to explain how much it meant to see Momusu performing right in front of me. Words like “awesome”, “amazing” and “supercallifrageristicexpialidocious” just seem too mild really. It was a great day for meeting jltos and a great night for seeing Momusu. It was awesomelysupercallifrageristicexpialidocious with an extra topping of heavenly bliss thrown onto a huge fluffy cloud of joy. And then some. 😀


3 responses to “Momusu at Japan Expo Day Two

  1. It’s really awesome that you got to stand in front of them during the autograph sessions. It seems like a nice consolation (as if being so near them could even be considered a consolation!) for those who couldn’t get an autograph.

    Also, it looked like you guys got a pretty decent concert venue and a great setlist. Lucky dog =]

    • Well I can’t complain about anything. It was an awesome couple of days. The setlist was good. Renai Revolution 21 is my favourite single and Kimagure Princess my favourite current line-up single. Plus How Do You Like Japan? Is a great song too. 😀

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