Happy 18th Birthday Kusumi Koharu

Kusumi Koharu is 18 today (15 July. It’s that date in Japan as I write this). Happy birthday Koha. She was my clear second favourite in Momusu behind Ai-chan and well ahead of everyone else over the past few years. I still feel she left too soon and Momusu is missing her sparkle. I loved going to Japan Expo and getting the current members autographs. In fact I had a great time there. Hung out with old friends, made some new ones (one very special one). The weekend was almost perfect but…no Koha. I was so gutted on the Thursday morning when the news came through that Yuko was the surprise guest. Koharu would have really completed my weekend. But it wasn’t to be. Such a shame. I mean I like Yuko but even so…

Anyway I really hope Koharu isn’t going to be one of those ex H!P members who hangs around until the contract expires and then leaves UFA. I really do hope she becomes a solo singer.

Happy birthday Koharu. I hope it’s as cracktacular as you deserve. Also DAMN YOU TSUNKUUUUUUUUUU!


I really do think Koharu has something really special about her. Both in her looks and personality. She’s a big presence badly missed (at least by me).

Right I’m off to make some fairy cakes to celebrate her birthday. 😀


12 responses to “Happy 18th Birthday Kusumi Koharu

  1. KOHARU ❤ my favorite pictures are the ones of her in the purple dress.

    You just reminded me that I need to do a birthday post for my favorite Momusu.

    I want her to be a solo singer too. I'm hoping she's going through intense vocal training so her voice gets good enough for a solo career where people will take her seriously.

  2. Dreamtiny – I really hope Tsunku was telling the truth when he mentioned she’d be training for a solo career.

    Ladybird – Thanks. Picspamming Koharu is easy though. So many great photos. 😀

  3. I remember reading something about Tsunku saying that – man, I really hope it’s true too. I’d love to see her get a good solo career going. I just don’t understand why he wouldn’t keep her in H!P to do that though.

  4. Love Koharu. Love her voice. Spent all yesterday listening to Kirarin Best while working on a jigsaw puzzle. Lots of fun! 🙂

    Also, awesome picspam! 🙂

  5. Test comment!

    No, that’s not what I wanted to say.

    Koharu yay yay! I love her too! 🙂

    I’m not losing hope of seeing her one day.

  6. Pex – Koha’s solo songs were so catchy. Chance was always my favourite until for some reason Balalaika took over. The Milky Way songs were great too. It’s a pity there were only two singles.

    jltos – Yay yay yay…you commented. 😀 Also Koharu has so much personality surely we MUST see her again one day. Otherwise H!P are really wasting a unique talent and beauty.

    • I meant, I want to see her in person! 🙂 I was disappointed she wasn’t the surprise guest in Paris, so I wish there will be another chance for me and you and everyone else to see her live.

      • Oh! Lol. Yeah I was disappointed the surprise guest wasn’t her. Even though I like Yuko I was quite deflated when I heard upon arriving in Paris that she was the special guest. Koharu is just so energetic and happy that she lifts the spirits. That’s why I love her so much. Yuko doesn’t quite have the same impact. :p

  7. I always liked Koha’s stuff as Tsukishima Kirari. MilkyWay was great too and I wish they had done more. Didn’t really care for Kira Pika but that’s just because I don’t like Maimai very much.

    But as much as I liked that solo stuff, I’d like to see her do a more serious solo career. I think Koharu has some fantastic talent and could really do well.

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