Kusumi Koharu H!P Digital Books volume 67

I miss Koharu. True fact. I miss her energy, her weird attractiveness, her inability to sing (I love her weird voice) and of course overall her total, indisputable crackheadedness. And I miss her even more when I see pics like the ones included in her H!P digital photobook Volume 67.  This release came out in May. It’s now up on the tracker at H!O and also available direct download at Musume-Central. Anyway so impressed was I that I thought I’d post a few pics to whet the appetite.

Best. Picture. Ever! O-o DOKI DOKI


Koharu is absolutely stunning. I hope leaving H!P doesn’t mean she won’t get any more photobooks and dvd’s. I don’t see why it should. Ishikawa Rika still gets them and Koha is very popular. I’m hoping for another pb later this year. One thing’s for sure though and that’s that Momusu just isn’t the same without her. Her unique looks, personality and singing style really added a lot to the collective. Damn I wish she’d been at the Japan Expo in Paris!


8 responses to “Kusumi Koharu H!P Digital Books volume 67

  1. Fantastic digital PB – I miss Koharu too.

    I’m really surprised though that you posted about this one instead of #69 – Takahashi Ai. I mean, you are the ultimate Ai-chan fanboy and all.

  2. I know, I immediately set the ice cream pic as my desktop wallpaper. Trouble is I keep getting dizzy every time I sit down at my computer now.

  3. Wow, that IS a nice line if photos.
    Hmm, icecream you say, cracktastic anyone?
    Sadly I only really got a taste for Koha after Nanchatte Renai, and then she suddenly quit, so I never got too attached to her.
    But then, lately, Sayu has kinda started to crack me up on stage as slightly more crazy than normal. Specially when she goes all “komanechi” on stage 3 times in day and is still 100% serious about it.
    Shes starting to get crazy I tell you…

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