Linlin Lesson (Japan Expo)

Three pictures. That’s all. Just three pictures. Not many for a blog post but I love them. Anyway these pictures were taken by Paul Elliott (ebebop on Twitter) during one of the Momusu signing sessions at the Japan Expo in Paris. Unusually the pictures didn’t feature Ai-chan which makes them rare. But that’s not what I like about them. If I wanted to start liking things because Ai-chan wasn’t in them I’d start listening to AKB48. No what I like is the fact that these three pictures tell a story. A story of one idols education in the art of autograph signing. Observe…



*Smug* “I know now. Yay!”

Of course of more importance is Junjun sitting next to her looking bloody gorgeous! XD


12 responses to “Linlin Lesson (Japan Expo)

  1. and of even more importance still – is Mittsi looking heart-stoppingly beautiful, next to Junjun!

    Love the series of pics tho!

  2. Hahaha, I didn’t see that one coming.
    Another funny post!
    And I must confess Mitsui looks rather good in those pictures…

    Also, MT I have some more food for a dirty mind for you. I bought 8 photosets from Kaito Reinya the other day, and in one of them I find this:
    Notice the book she holding…
    Kinda crappy quality as I don’t have a scanner currently

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