Ai-chan through the ages

I decided to do a picspam post about every sane person’s favourite idol Takahashi Ai-chan. Okay I’ve done picspam posts on Ai-chan before but so what? It’s not like you can ever have too much of Her Ainess is it? Anyway this time I had the thought of posting some favourite pics from each of her pb’s. This both shows her as the young cute girl we all remember (probably best remembered for me from that Hoppy the Hopper Utaban episode) while also showing her developing over the years to the uber idol…no…uber person we see now. It also shows how much H!P pb’s have changed too. 😛 So enjoy.

5th gen.

May as well start with a couple of pics from the 5th gen pb that came out shortly after they joined Momusu.

Definitely the cute one amongst the 5th gen although Konno did change massively and became super-cute herself eventually. Anyway that really is the tiny, energetic Ai-chan of old. It reminds me of Ayaka’s English Lessons and old Utaban’s for some reason. XD

2002 – Takahashi Ai

Again it’s lickle tiny Ai (like she’s any bigger now? XD ) So cute and adorable.

2003 – Alo-Hello

Kawaii in Hawaii but it’s heating up too.

Ai-chan’s laugh and smile are evident in this pb and when I think of Ai her smile is the first thing that springs to mind. However for some people the first thing that springs to mind may be something that isn’t immediately eye-catching from the front. And it’s already noticeable with this pb that the photographer has cottoned on to this. Who wouldn’t want to pick Ai up and give her a ride? It’s interesting that Ai is doing the patented cute Ai smile and wide-eyed look we all love yet is also already doing the hotter than the sun sexier pics that became a trademark of her later pb’s. At 17 she was already blossoming from the cute little idol to the beautiful woman. This pb is very much the start of that journey.

2004 – Wataame

Lovely suddenly looks about 15 again in some of the pics. O-o Well that youthful face always makes her look a bit younger than she actually is. 😀 So cute!

2005 – Aigokoro

For me these pics represent a mixture of the cute and the ladylike. Two huge aspects of Ai’s appeal. The cute girl who did ballet and dreamed of joining the Takarazuka Revue has grown up beautifully!

2006 – 19

The lady has overtaken the girl by the time of this pb. Ai now looks less like a girl and more like a beautiful woman. Well for the most part. She still looks younger than she is but even so this is very much a book about someone who is on the cusp of her 20’s and it shows Ai as more composed and mature than in her previous pb’s. Simply beautiful.

2007 – Mizu

For some reason this has always been my least favourite of Ai-chan’s pb’s. Even so she still looks amazing. It’s not like it’s possible for her not to. 😉

2007 – Love-Hello

Hothothothothotburnyburnyburnyburnyburny. Yes this has always been my favourite pb of Ai’s. Why? Well…

That pb for me shows how sexy Ai can be without it being shoved in your face. She looks beautiful, sexy, cute and also confident. It’s just missing her gorgeous BIG laughing smile and it would be perfection. Even so it’s a breathtaking book capturing Ai at a beautiful period in her life. Oh wait…that is her life. Her whole life. XD

2008 – Mou Hitotsu no Ai

This pb is very much from the ‘Ai just became leader so she hacked her hair off and started looking too serious’ period that thankfully only lasted a year or so. Despite that this pb still has some beautiful pics. I just prefer a livelier and happier looking Ai-chan. I worried for Ai a lot during this period as I honestly don’t think she was happy being the leader at that time. Although I think she’s well grown into the role by now and is wonderful and more confident in it. But because of the feeling I got watching her at this time the pb brings back some less happy memories for me. Happily she soon rediscovered her energy and the ability to laugh and by the next pb she was looking like the Ai-chan of the here and now. A-bloody-mazing.

2009 – Watashi

Ai-chan grew up! O-o 😛

Ai looks as sexy as can be yet still retains that beautiful air of purity and the wonderfully heart-warming, mesmerising & angelic smile. There’s a sense of fun in these pics which is a welcome relief after the slightly unhappier looking Ai-chan of the previous pb. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that by this stage she seemed to have adapted mentally to being the leader and the group seemed to be more close-knit than ever before.

2010 – Katachi

And here we have the ultimate super-idol in all her glory. Sexy, fun, captivating, sweet, happy and mesmerising. Or ‘Ai-chan’ for short. Five foot of perfect human being. Doki doki as they say in H!P. A lot.

So there you have it. Some great pics from nearly nine years of Ai’s Momusu life. The most amazing, beautiful, captivating, sweet, kind, cute, sexy, funny, good-hearted, compassionate and adorable idol you could ever wish to support. The true miracle girl of H!P (and I say that as someone who is also a big Koharu fan). Ai-chan has a great voice, can dance and act, has the most beautiful eyes and smile, has a lovely figure but most importantly of all has a personality and aura that more than matches all of that. To me she is perfection. She was when she joined Morning Musume and she is now. She’s matured beautifully. So raise a glass to Ai-chan then and now…

Hmm…wait…actually she hasn’t changed that much. 😀


6 responses to “Ai-chan through the ages

  1. Aichan!!! Why are you so beautiful? I’m not a guy! I’m not supposed to like PBs! ><

    I can't help it, there is so much cuteness and beauty in this post, so I took my time reading. 🙂 I love seeing how people change with time. Aichan sure has become a beautiful woman, but it's true, she really hasn't changed that much, if we compare to Gaki, for example.

    "Doki doki as they say in H!P." < !!! 😀 I loved this.

    • Thank you. 😀 I guess there’s no reason women can’t like photobooks as well. Especially when when the book features a beautiful example of humanity like Ai-chan. XD

      Gaki really has changed. Her face grew wider. She was so skinny faced before. 😛

      Like the new avatar!

  2. I’m not sure which avatar I should choose here, so I’ll probably change it again. It updates really slowly though.

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