Tsunku Announces 9th Gen Auditions & 3 Graduations

Tsunku has announced that Kamei Eri, Junjun and Linlin will graduate from Morning Musume on the final day of their Autumn tour. 😦 The announcement is available in English on the official MySpace page. Apparently Eri has a skin problem while JunLin will be heading back to China. There will also be 9th generation auditions taking place.

This is another Sunday morning I could do without. It reminds me of Koha leaving. I don’t know whether this is better or worse though. On the one hand when Koha left I still had Ai-chan and Junjun to keep me entertained whereas now there’s just Ai-chan (who I adore but even so it’s like the Momusu heart is slowly failing. Bypass surgery is needed). However at least this time there’s the sweetener of ninth generation auditions.

Eri wasn’t my favourite in the group but I was saying to someone recently that I was happy to see her getting more chances to sing in recent times and was impressed by her voice. If she really does have a skin condition then her graduation is understandable. Also she has had a good run in the group. I’m surprised she’s leaving before Sayumi however but I guess the health matter explains that. I always expected her to be leader one day. I think she’d slowly matured into a person who would have been challenged by that but also able to respond to it a bit like with Ai-chan when she became leader.

Linlin leaving seems a real shame. She has a lovely personality and is one of the best singers in the group. I can’t help but feel that both Chinese members haven’t really had the chance to shine in Momusu but yet both were starting to. Linlin through her singing and Junjun through sheer force of personality.

Junjun leaving rips my heart out. She was my second favourite member. Endlessly entertaining whenever she got to open her mouth in any concert mc or on any tv programme. She is beautiful, mad, funny and was starting to fill the void left by Koharu’s exit. I am gutted.

As I said I don’t think the Chinese members had really been given the chance to shine and it pisses me off somewhat that even at their graduation that will probably be the case. All the focus will probably be on Eri.

At the same time I’ve been saying for what is actually years now that Momusu needs some new blood. The 9th gen announcement means that new blood is coming. Tsunku wants girls aged 10 to 17 to audition (TEN? WTF). It will be strange seeing Momusu members who are well younger than the Berryz and C-ute members. Even so Momusu has thrived and survived over the years precisely because of the graduations and new generations. Things had been a little too stagnant in recent times so I can’t criticise the decision to have some graduations and 9th gen auditions. Even so I can’t help thinking the members leaving are the wrong ones.

Personally this announcement makes the Japan Expo I attended in Paris even more precious to me now. I got to see Junjun performing live and got to meet her and get her autograph. I was also standing at the right side of the stage at every signing session so got lots of JunLin action. I am so glad I had the opportunity to see them live and meet them.

Eri will take some time off to cure her condition and then presumably will be back active with UFA. Junjun and Linlin returning to China worries me a lot. What will they be doing there? Will they even have a chance of a career? It’s not as if UFA hold much weight over there although I can see the groundwork has been done in recent times with their trip there and Junjun’s little bit of recent acting. On a personal level I also worry that even if they are active in China I won’t get to see much of it. If it’s tv work where will I find it? Even with singing I wonder if I’d enjoy it that much. I much prefer the sound of Japanese language to any other Asian language just because I’m so used to hearing it and I’m attempting to learn it. Mind you if Tsunku decides to have a Chinese equivalent of W that really would be made of win. Let’s hope!

Well that’s another Shock Sunday in the bag. Today’s post has been brought to you by the numbers 3 and 9 and the words fuck, shit, cock, arse and (resignedly) bugger.

Hmm…the turtle and the pandas leave? That only leaves a cat and a dog.


10 responses to “Tsunku Announces 9th Gen Auditions & 3 Graduations

  1. Hear hear!
    I’m also really bummed I didn’t make it to that concert it was announced in today..
    On another hand, I’m REALLY glad I got to see the current 8 member lineup 12 times on stage in the last two months. They were all shining brightly up there.

    You know, when thinking about the set age limit from 10-17, in my head that makes me think that, while searching for so young members it will leave the now remaining 5 for a longer period, as I still can’t look on any of the members as a leader but Ai. Tsunku would have to do some weird shuffling to get a working leader when Ai leaves is my opinion.
    As sad as this is, let’s hope for some bright new personalities added in the 9th gen. And this will be the first audition I will get to “be a part of” as a MM fan. I guess I’m slightly looking forward to it.

    And I can completely relate to the words: fuck, shit, cock, arse and (resignedly) bugger.

    • I think Gaki would make a good leader but she’s probably my least favourite of the lot and is a bit too boring. I see Reina as the next leader. Maybe in the Yuko mould. XD But really with only five members left there’s wouldn’t be much choice if Ai did leave anyway.

      It’d be strange if a young girl or two joins. Ai is 24 this year so if someone 12 or 13 joins that’s like half her age. 😛

  2. Well, yeah. I agree that Gaki would make a good leader. I’m still somewhat skeptical about Reina as a leader, not quite sure why.
    But yeah, the choices are getting few after Ai.

    Yeah, that really is a different world, 12 and 24.
    But then again 17 isn’t really that much older, other than more legal to drool over…

    Also, no more JunJun-Tanaka action? D=

  3. This is friggin’ terrible news to wake up to today. I guess the announcement of 9th gen auditions brings a glimmer of hope but I’m pretty damn sad about Eri, Junjun, and Linlin.

    And WTF? Three more graduations and Aika is still in the group? Tsunku needs to get his head out of his ass.

    I wonder how Ai feels about all of this as leader of the group. Plus she’s potentially going to be twice the age of new members. Go figure.

    • I’d love to see Kikkawa Yuu brought in. Oh and Miyamoto karin just for teh cuteness factor. But yeah Mitsui is still there. Who’s have thought Koha, Eri, Jun and Lin would go first?

  4. I’m worried about Eri getting all the attention as well. As you know I like Eri a lot, but not more than Junjun and Linlin. I’ll miss all of them soooo much. :´(

    What you write about Paris, I feel the same. Now I’m really happy I was standing on the right (not left and not wrong!) side on Saturday.

    “Hmm…the turtle and the pandas leave? That only leaves a cat and a dog.” You forgot the bunny!

    • :-O You are right. I totally forgot the bunny! How could I?

      Paris just became even more precious didn’t it?

      I really hope the Chinese members are given a proper graduation ceremony. Proper solos and not just a duet while Eri gets a solo or something.

      It’s been announced that Momusu are going to Junjun’s hometown of Hunan in November so maybe he has something planned. I hope so!

      • I forgive you, if you post a pic of yourself doing the usachan peace. ^_^ (I’m joking, of course. Or am I?)

        Yes… I will treasure those moments forever in my heart. The moment of seeing Junjun’s kind smile while she handed her signed photo to me… Eri’s cute and happy reaction when she heard me talk Japanese… Linlin waving at me so many times cheerfully… all of them singing and dancing on stage… I will remember it FOREVER. I’m so lucky to have met them before they graduated. And at the same time, I’m sad for everyone who didn’t.

        We’ll see what happens, I’ll try not to be too much pessimistic about it. 🙂

      • Yeah it’s too early to be pessimistic. I mean it’s been 9 months since Koha left and I’m still thinking “well she might get a solo career”. I won’t be pessimistic about her until at least next March. So I’ll give JunLin until about March 2012 before I start to worry. XD

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