Gemma Cruel

You can keep your Beckii Cruel’s your Daddy Cruel’s your Harry Cruel’s and your Cruel and the Gang. There’s only one Cruel that’s relevant to my interests and that’s Gemma. If you don’t find her face and voice and whole way of moving incredibly cute then you have no heart and no sexual organs. Watching the Beckii Cruel Superstar at 14 documentary it became increasingly clear that we probably won’t see anymore of Gemma save for Youtube vids. This is such a shame because frankly out of all the Cruel Angels she is the one that most fits the idol image. Maybe that’s not the point? Maybe the Cruels are there to give Japanese people a western type of idol? If so I expect some kind of Chav Cruel to turn up eventually. Maybe a dancing 14 year old pregnant girl or something. >.> But nevertheless with the voice, face and body of an angel Gemma Cruel is the best idol the west could have. Although I wish she’d dye her hair back to it’s natural colour. Blonde just isn’t as good.

Anyway some selected vids…

Summer Party! XD

Frankly unless MiniMico suddenly becomes an idol this is the perfect British idol. Anyone who thinks otherwise is clearly wrong and probably some subversive secret idol hater sent to infiltrate and destroy! >.>


8 responses to “Gemma Cruel

  1. I can see where you would find her attractive, but I don’t know…I’m not that into her. She’s a little too mousy for me haha

  2. Oh god, not the Cruels again D=

    Anyways, Morningtime, sorry bout the delay after I returned home from Japan, but if you would mind mailing me your address @ ba-brude (at) so I can figure out how much it will cost to send those pics your way. 😉

  3. I just feel bad for her and Pamela (although why did they choose her? She’s not even fit for the image unlike Gemma!)

    I doubt Cruel Angels will continue, the focus is all on Beckii and they don’t care about the other two.

    • Yeah I think if they were going to do more with the Cruel Angels they would have done by now. Although it confuses me why they continue to sign up more Cruel Girls. I mean surely to be doing that there must be some sort of plan?

  4. I dunno you guys. I dislike the Cruels very much especially beckii seeing as to how stuck up she is acting over something that made her. I personally think the Cruels are just trying to be like C-ute or other Japanese groups that are actually good and who aren’t auto-tuned to death. Beckii annoys me with her ‘I’m the best damn thing alive’ Where as Gemma is just. . .I don’t really find an issue with her or Sarah. I just really dislike them because from my side of things There are plenty of Japanese/black girls like me who are pretty and whatnot so why couldn’t we be sponsered and picked out like Beckii Cruel and all the other girls? If you reeeeaaally pay attention they are mostly white girls.

    • Seeing as the target audience of the Youtube dancers is Japan maybe they want white girls? It’s much the same as me liking Japanese girls only the opposite way round. They don’t need Japanese girls really as the original singers are Japanese anyway. They want something more exotic.

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