Extra Life or Fight the Lizards?

A rare serious post from Morningtime? Well the law of probability meant it was bound to happen sooner or later. Anyway come in, take a seat…NO! Don’t walk off with the seat. Sit down on the seat. Thank you. Sheesh! Anyway I’m here today to talk to you about the benefits of joining Morningtime’s Morningtology religion. Did you know that we mere humans are being controlled by lizards from another planet disguised as humans? Hey sit back down. It’s true. I should know. I saw V when I was a kid. Look this is serious. So many of our leaders and favourite idols are involved. You want proof? Well how about this…

Kamei Eri admits to being an alien herself on the Hello! Project DVD magazine Volume 19. Now what do we know about Eri? I’ll tell you. Actually I’ll give you a visual clue…

Yes turtles. Kamei means “turtle”. And what do turtles have? Green skin...JUST LIKE LIZARDS. Also Eri is now leaving Momusu and why? You guessed it “skin problems”. Yeah right. Skin problems…of the scaly green kind. Lizard! Clearly something is going wrong with her genetic cloning make-up. Something strongly hinted at by fellow lizard Tsunku when he actually mentions make-up in his reason for her leaving. Oh and before you say Tsunku’s not a lizard just look at his dress sense…

Does that guy look human to you? Check out the bad Las Vegas crooner clothes style. Nothing says lounge LIZARD quite like that. Also check this out…

Check out those sunglasses. Something to hide? Clearly.

Now China has traditionally been quite cut-off from the rest of the world so it’s feasible that it’s still led by humans. In which case surely this explains Junjun and Linlin’s soon to come disappearance? After all the eyes of an outsider will see more clearly what’s under the nose of someone who sees that same thing everyday. We’ve all been there. Someone calls to your home and compliments you on a picture or ornament you haven’t even registered as having in years. Much like Junjun and Linlin joining Momusu and asking why Eri is a lizard. Oh sure they will have been told that she’s not and that she’s just Japanese but now that her make-up is slipping they are close to the truth. Too close. So Tsunku steps in and has them eliminated or “graduated” as he’d prefer to call it.

But you can help stop this. Just send cash, cheque, credit card details or a postal order to Morningtime at Morningtology Head Offices, P.O. Box 666, Youain’tseenmerightlane, the countryside somewhere, somewhere.

Alternatively if you want to do something better with your time and/or your money you could check out this site. Extra Life is a charity campaign by the Children’s Miracle Network. Fellow wota TakeoRey (who is on Twitter) is heavily involved with this charity and needs your help. Extra Life is a charity campaign that involves gamers (of the video variety) and gets them to help raise money for children in their own local communities by playing video games. Yes that’s right by actually playing video games. Raise money while having fun. Check out this Youtube video…

It doesn’t matter what country you are in as you should be able to raise money for your local hospital. All you need is to sponsor or be sponsored. So please check out the Extra Life website and if you can help then please do. Hey you could even play games while listening to H!P music. Games, great music and helping sick children? Think how proud Ai-chan would be of you! Alternatively you could give all your money to me. But then that would make you a bit like Tom Cruise. Would you want to be like Tom Cruise? If so send me your money and I’ll use it to fight the lizards (and not buy myself a nice big home at all. Oh no). Or you could help sick children. Personally I say fight the lizards. I still need Buono’s live dvd and…err…not that I’d use your money for that or anything. >.>But if you want to help sick children and make your favourite idols proud of you into the bargain then you could do worse than to get involved with Extra Life. If anyone has any questions or would like to start a team, you can contact @TakeoRey on twitter and he will be only too grateful to help.


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