New H!P Pics (Via Norway)

One of the great aspects of H!P is the fans you meet both online and in person. This year alongside meeting the current Momusu members and Hangry & Angry I’ve also met up with many fellow wotas in London and Paris and had a great time in both places. But just as good as these all-too-rare ‘real life’ meetings are is meeting people in cyberspace.  How much less interesting and enjoyable would our wotadom be without other wotas to share our thoughts and experiences with (or to just have a laugh at life in general with)? Part of what I love about H!P is the community of fans all around the world who love these amazing idols with so much passion. It makes blogging, visiting forums and posting utter nonsense on Twitter so much more enjoyable. Which brings me onto the point of this post. A little while ago on my blog regular commenter Nin0bb left a comment that he was in Japan for a while and could get me some H!P photos if I wanted. Well I’m never one to turn down the chance to acquire more merchandise so I eagerly took him up on the offer. Anyway he was over in Japan for about two months (you can read about it all here) and got back a few weeks ago. Last week he said he’d find out how much postage would be to send the items to me but since I didn’t hear back from him I presumed he hadn’t got round to it. Then today upon coming home from the doctors (I got a diet sheet showing what I should and shouldn’t eat…apparently I’m meant to starve. 😛 ) a package was awaiting me. Since I wasn’t expecting anything I was quite intrigued. Then I opened it up and found…a package of TOTAL WIN! Nin0bb had sent me the photos even though I hadn’t even paid him yet. And what great photos they are. Observe…

Angel Ai Fashionable pics (by all accounts Nin0bb had bloody good seats for the play). Ai is of course my ultimate Aidol (badoomtish) and just seeing her heavenly form is enough to cure the sick, end poverty and eradicate pollution from the planet (well it would be if only others would believe in her like I do). These are really nice photos. They are also the bigger size ones (is that L2? I always forget). Next up…

Nacky-chan! My favourite C-ute cutie. Again these are Fashionable pics. The first four are the bigger size pics, the others are L size (I think. Unless I have the sizes the wrong way around). I’m so pleased Nacky got to be in the play with Momusu. She is also in that horror film with Niigaki. It’s nice to see her getting some exposure outside of C-ute. Nacky looks adorable here. She’s growing up! ^^ Next…

Lot’s more Fashionable pics. I love Ai’s expression in the Fashionable t-shirt pic. ♥♥♥♥♥ Lots of Junyum and another cute Nacky too.

I also received a lot of assorted Reina pics and one of Sayumi. Sayumi of course looks as cute as always and Reina looks as striking and unique as she always has. In fact she just gets more like that with age. Oh and there’s some more Ai, Junjun and Nacky in there too. 😀

My favourite Reina pics are probably the bunny ones but I love the look of the blue and white dress too. Then again Reina could wear a bin bag and still somehow make it look utterly stylish and perfect. She’s the clothes idol. Nobody wears it better.

Finally I got these two A4 sized pics of Junjun and Nacky. The perfect way to round of the package. XD I think these are my first A4 pics of either member so I’m well pleased!

Oh and there was even a Hello! Project Official Shop carrier bag in the package. XD

What a great collection of pics. I’m so impressed. I have to thank Nin0bb for getting hold of them and letting me take them off his hands. He’s a legend! I make that something like 48 pics! O-o 😀 Thanks so much! Send me your Paypal address and I’ll send you the payment.

Now to see if I’ve got room for them in my photo albums. 😀


17 responses to “New H!P Pics (Via Norway)

  1. Hey, you linked my blog! >_< t00w
    So glad you enjoyed them =) (and the extra gift photos from Fankora (A4 Nacky and the 2xL size of JunJun and Nacky in plastic folders) Those are the random selection limited ed 500Yen a piece ones :p And another 2 L size of Ai and Reina.
    I also have the rest of L size Ai photos if you're interested 😉

    Oh, and be sure to check out
    I video taped most of my photo collection right there :p

    • I’m always interested in Ai photos! XD

      I just checked your Youtube link. OMG you have a great collection.

      Oh I wondered about those plastic sleeve ones. I love them and the A4 of Nacky is my first Nacky pic of that size. 😀

      • Yeah, it’s kinda grown insanely large in a year. And I won’t be lying if I say that about 90% of the photos I have gained in the past three months! xD
        Oh, and this: is about the rest of the stuff I have :p
        Just send me an email if theres something of interest 😉 (Unless it’s from the Reina albums :p) Gotta spread the H!P love you know!

        Nacky looks incredible here btw, and also in the part 1 and 3 A4s (I think the one I sent you was part 2 at least)

    • I’ve looked at your link. There’s some nice stuff there but I’ll leave it for now. I’ve just spent money on some stuff from HSUSA so I need to take it easy. XD

      • Take it easy? Thats what I said two days ago.
        Then I bought 12 photosets from that H!P Summer set, Preordered the Pika Pika Blu-ray and rampaged ebay for about 25 items most of them pin-posters. Oh JOY >_< *hides behind credit-card*

        Also, is that some bends I can see on a few of the photos D=
        *kills self for being careless in packaging*

    • ah I’d order the Pika Pika blu-ray but I already have the dvd. I’be pre-ordered some of the H!P summer photo sets from HSUSA. Mainly Nacky’s, Jun’s, Sayu’s and Ais. 😀

      • Yeah, I have the DVD as well, but seeing them in HD is just so much better it’s worth it :p
        I’ve ordered all the MM and S/mileage sets + Reina, Chisato and Ayaka ones.
        I’ve become such a sucker for Ayaka lately!
        Now I’m waiting for the Summer sets 5-8 :p

      • Aww man, not that again, I’m having so much problems with my network at home lately, pretty much nothing is working. D=

        Thanks for poking me about it, it can quickly take me a few days before noticing.

        I suppose this is what happens when I run things from my living room xD

  2. Awesome photos, especially the Aichan Fashionable ones, and I’m quite surprised I actually like the Nacky photos too. 🙂

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