Reina, Eri and Sayumi in Racism Shock

The internet is reeling today from the news that popular sixth gen Morning Musume members Kamei Eri, Tanaka Reina and Michishige Sayumi have published racist photographs on Reina’s blog. The full story is here with translations of the blog posts here and here but let me guide you through the whole story.

Tanaka Reina first made this blog post with Kamei Eri on her blog…


I Love Westerners

I was talking with Eri before about how much I love western actors, music and culture. It’s really great. Eri surprised me by doing this pose and getting me to as well.

A westerner? What?

Well recently there’s been a real boom in Japan of western culture. Actually all of Morning Musume love it. Junjun, Linlin and Eri even shagged western men while in Paris recently but we don’t talk about that.

Err…manager is this all okay to be posted so far?

He’s busy listening to AKB on his ipod but he kind of mumbled a yes in a distracted way. LOL! My manager!


Reina then went on to compound matters by making a second blog post this time with Michishige Sayumi.


I’m thinking this is fun

I went and did it with Sayu as well. This is funny.

Sayu looks funny. So this is what it’d be like to be western like all those people we love and have talked about a lot on our blogs in the past. Cool huh?


Obviously such disgusting racism couldn’t go unpunished and following a backlash the blogs of all three members have stopped updating and the offending posts have been removed. Even so that hasn’t been enough to quench the bloodlust rage of many on popular internet forum Butthurt Hive. Here is a selection of some of the comments.


1. Comment by Sad Fuck November 2, 2010 at 2:16 pm

Dude FUCK. FUCK THEM SLITTY EYED JAPANESE BASTARDS. I’m gonna make them pay the fuckers. This is war. But first my mom is calling me for my tea. Laters.

2. Comment by Emperor Hirohito November 2, 2010 at 3:15 pm

The west is racist and full of people who smell. They should shut the fuck up. Wait, my mother is calling me to take the rubbish out.

3. Comment by SpamFlamer 1109 November 2, 2010 at 3:30 pm

Is it just coincidence that all three members did a song on the 10th Morning Musume album that translated into English is called Big Eyes?

The racists!

4. Comment by God of War November 2, 2010 at 4:08 pm

Oh classy Morning Musume. Your hurtful blog posts will destabilise relations in the world leading to World War III. From there the west will destroy the east and will take all your countries and colonise them with westerners like they should have done ages ago. That will teach you a lesson you racists! Oh I have to go now my teacher has caught me using my phone in class.

5. Comment by SmellyScent November 2, 2010 at 4:40 pm

I hope they didn’t make that post just because western culture is becoming popular? The Japanese have no right to be making fun of other countries. Making fun of others is wrong and besides I mean come on, the JAPANESE? THOSE RETARDS? GO MAKE SOME MORE ANIME! I hate the Japanese. But yeah making fun of others is bad and so is racism. Those ugly Japanese pigs should know that.

6. Comment by Iloveyouwesterners November 2, 2010 at 6:50 pm

wow really? I would think japanese would appreciate westerners going into their country and working so hard to give them good music but no. They are just jealous that Westerners are more talented than them so they’re trying to find something to make fun of to make themselves look better? I can’t believe I used to be a fan of them…the ugly Japanese dogs. Urgh and they smell funny.

7. Comment by Kantspel November 2, 2010 at 7:42 pm

You butthurt faggot westen biasd dick suckers are takeing this waaaaaaaay outa context! There having fucking fun for Christ sakes! Plaese don’t give me that billshit that you’ve never made fun of another race in jokeing befor!


Clearly the situation is only going to escalate. I’d expect the announcement of Sayumi & Reina’s graduation very soon possibly followed by world war three and the nuclear annihilation of the world. I don’t mean to overreact but I can’t help thinking that in making all those posts in the past about how much they love a certain country and then in jokingly doing an impression of what they think people from that country look like, they have only brought nuclear annihilation and the total destruction of all life on the planet on themselves. It’s no more than they deserve.



14 responses to “Reina, Eri and Sayumi in Racism Shock

  1. So I read the article earlier, and what I find interesting about the Tokyohive commenters is that they are accusing the girls of being horrible and racist… the pro-Korean ones are allkpop commenters from what I’ve read… and their idols have done much much worse.

    Case in point: the Kikwang scandal… which is even more offensive and horribly racist. The interesting thing is that allkpop never reported on it.

    If Reina hadn’t written anything and had just posted the pictures, I’m pretty sure no one would have cared about this, because the slanty eyes thing could refer to them as well. So I really don’t see why people (especially the Tokyohive commenters) should waste their time on this.

  2. I don’t understand what the big deal is. It’s not like they said anything degrading or hurtful about any culture or anything like that. I honestly hope this stops here and doesn’t cause more trouble. It’s not worth the time.

  3. Am I exaggerating if I think this is your best blog post ever (out of those that I have read)? After the Paris ones, of course, but when it comes to that, I’m just biased by sweet memories. I was thinking about this last night and I didn’t comment on it at all, because I couldn’t put my thoughts into words. But I don’t need to anymore. I read your tweets as well and I agree with everything you said. Oh and I loved how you tagged the post “SARCASM”. (It’s kinda sad though.)

    And what’s with that Tokyohive? Every time I hear it mentioned, it’s as if they’re happy to find something that can be used to make Momusu look bad.

  4. Just have to clarify this otherwise my comment won’t make sense: They were doing impressions of KOREAN people, nowhere did they mention Westerners, you might wanna mention that or edit.

    1) Intent is irrelevant if the action itself is offensive, I don’t understand how you can’t see that? I could kill a guy completely without malice but does that mean manslaughter is OK? I’d get a reduced prison sentence but would that mean the family of the victim are overreacting because I didn’t mean to kill him? I’m not comparing what they did to manslaughter I’m just stating that things CAN be offensive even WITHOUT intent. None of us on Twitter even mentioned intent and none of us actually (seriously) called them racists, even though they very might well be for all we know. Intent can’t truly be proven I don’t think.

    2) I’m more offended by their utter stupidity than anything, and the more I see the pictures and discuss this matter the worse it gets. What the fuck were they thinking?! Japan isn’t exactly known for being non-racist but it’s still an ignorant thing to do seeing as many Japanese had enough intelligence to tell them to remove the posts. And for those who can’t see offense in doing the slanted eyes thing, trust me, it IS offensive and fucking annoying to a lot of people. What you or anyone else thinks is offensive is subjective and doesn’t mean you can say without a doubt that something is or isn’t offensive.

    No I don’t think the girls are racist and no I wasn’t personally racially offended by what they did (but I am getting more annoyed by it). Yes people telling them to die etc are overreacting but it doesn’t mean their reaction isn’t justified. The girls are stupid for doing what they did and I’m sure they’ve learnt their lesson and are probably getting scolded for it judging by the lack of posts 😆

    • My whole point is they meant no offence so anyone saying they are racists are wrong. If you look at the dictionary definition of racists they haven’t ticked any boxes.

      If someone is about to attack your daughter with a knife so you punch them and they die then yes I think manslaughter is okay. For intent is very important and as for saying it can’t be proven that’s why there are trials and juries. Otherwise Einstein and his colleagues are all mass murderers for their work on atomic research. They provided the weapon that killed all those Japanese people really. The racists. Oh wait that’s if intent is not important obviously.

      I don’t need to mention anything about Korea as it’s in the link. My post is showing what it would be like if they had done a westerner impression instead and people reacted like they are. It would be seen as insane. I’ve never seen one person complain about Yossie putting on a big nose to play a westerner in those Hello! Morning skits she used to do. Is that inverted racism then? Us whites can be skitted at? No because that would be over-sensitive bollocks. Just as the majority of commenters on the site I linked to are either overreacting themselves or perhaps more intriguingly just using the matter as an excuse to bash the Japanese (which in itself is xenophobic. I’d say xenophobic more than racist though).

      My take is that they were wrong to do what they did but meant no offence. I’m sure they have learned from their mistake now. Therefore all these commenters screaming for blood should go and fuck themselves. They are overreacting.

  5. Like I said, neither I nor anyone else on Twitter said the girls meant to offend. Your point (on Twitter at least) was that what they DID (i.e. the action) was NOT racist/offensive, which it IS (‘racist’ used as an adjective not noun). If you forgot here:

    “Morningtimeblog: @chrisbaisden So I’m going to say no. It was not racist. >.>” <–racist as an adjective.

    *after some more discussion*

    "CDevil4: So you agree it was offensive/racist? Glad we cleared that up ;D

    Morningtimeblog: No."

    ^That's a contradiction since you correctly stated a minute before "Everything is offensive to someone".

    Don't complain to me or use your highly exaggerated examples (Einstein being a mass murderer? FFS) about what makes something racist or not, I just used the dictionary definitions you love so much. And like I said above what people find offensive is subjective.

    I don't care about the commenters, I didn't even read the comments, I just know how what the girls did can be considered offensive, and so do you seeing as you think it was wrong. So honestly I have no idea why you're still saying it wasn't offensive. That's all I'm saying.

    I'm sure talking about this so much is making me seem like one of those oversensitive cocks, which is a pity since I found the whole thing pretty funny.

    • The dictionary definitions I love so much? Oh you mean the actual meanings of words rather than peoples misunderstanding of what the word means.

      Noun 1. racist – a person with a prejudiced belief that one race is superior to others

      1. racist – based on racial intolerance; “racist remarks”
      2.racist – discriminatory especially on the basis of race or religion

      Nope still not racist then. As for the comments on Twitter yes everything is offensive to someone. That doesn’t make everything racist. It’s a totally seperate matter. Saying it’s a contradiction makes no sense whatsoever. Offensive is not solely racist. It can be sexist, anti-democratic or a million other things instead. Alternatively it could be someone being far too sensitive.

      Yes you sound like someone who should be commenting on TokyoHive. Especially as the whole point of this post was to take the piss out of people who overreact.

      Twitter comments here aren’t really relevant as the discussion on Twitter and the post here are really on two different aspects of the whole affair. But I’ll leave with this. ChrisBaisden says my arguments mean it would be okay for someone to black up as Al Jolson. I disagree that they mean that but yet I know the black comedian Lenny Henry has whited up on several occassions and nobody has ever said it was racist. Context/intent is so important.

  6. ugh, who the hell cares? kids make racist chinese/japanese eyes jokes all the time. oh the horror at 3 girls doing it back at us. >_>

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