Reina, Eri and Sayumi in Second Racism Shock!

The internet is buzzing at news of a second racism scandal involving once popular 6th generation Morning Musume members Tanaka Reina, Kamei Eri and Michishige Sayumi. As you have no doubt seen in my previous post they have already gotten into trouble for posting pictures of themselves on Reina’s blog making what can only be described as totally non-racist in the proper meaning of the word impressions of Koreans. Well now a second scandal threatens to rip apart the heart of Morning Musume and thus the heart of the entire Hello! Project. A picture has emerged, taken from the forthcoming rokkies photobook, that has literally caused several online forums to self-destruct in impotent and misdirected rage. Insiders have stated the image was going to be the front cover of the forthcoming pb but now management faced with a backlash from the public at large are having to rethink the situation. Every copy of the photobook already published is now having to be pulped and a new front cover hastily arranged. I have however managed to obtain a copy of the offending picture and reprint it below. Please do not scroll down if easily offended however. I cannot be held accountable for any spontaneous combustion that ensues if you look at the picture. Anyway you have been warned. Here is the picture…


6 responses to “Reina, Eri and Sayumi in Second Racism Shock!

  1. When I read the title in class, I said “NO WAY, AGAIN?!” and then as I saw the picture I pulled a legit Nanny Fine laugh. Thanks.

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