Sexy Party!

To celebrate the fact that my blog has now reached 400,000 hits I decided to hold a sexy party (any excuse for an orgy) for the great and the good of H!P. Well the great and the sexy. So while Mitsui Aika was curled up in her kennel stars of H!P past and present showed up for some decadent fun.

There was of course entertainment on stage in my luxury mansion with newest H!P group of WIN (plus Kanon) S/mileage being the opening act. I had exclusive backstage access…


Meanwhile the guests had started to arrive. Airi and Maimi turned up looking like a couple…of teasers…

Then Junjun turned up rocking the leather and chains look.

Mmm…she can use chains on me anytime she wants. Panda power!

Next up there seemed to be some kind of mix up as I’d asked for Yui Kaori. To be honest I wouldn’t have even minded had it been Okada Yui but Nacchi Kaori?

Ah well I still would. Lots. ^^

As the party got in full swing Sayumi romped around the grounds of my huge estate. It’s HUGE I tell you. Honestly she said she’d never seen anything so big. Then I showed her the grounds of my estate. >.>

Meanwhile Ishikawa Rika lounged by the pool. Her petite incredibly heavenly body stretched out waiting. Sweat starting to glisten on her supple curves as…actually is it just me or is it unseasonably hot for this time of year?

Indoors Yaguchi Mari was stretching out on a footstool…

Because she’s tiny. Tiny! But still damn perfect. Like a Bonsai tree…A bonsaidol. 😛

Following S/mileage’s performance Ai-chan took over the entertainment duties…

How do I enlist? I’ll do anything. Clean her boots for her (with my tongue), clean her dishes for her (with my tongue), clean her toilet bowl (look you get the idea. Let’s just stop now. O-O )

Also upsetting the status quo (in the army now >.>) was Linlin…

Silly pandas. No wonder you are going extinct. You can’t eat bows. If you could then the contents of the top of Junjun’s head would feed a family of five for a year.

There were plenty of other cosplays on show. Nacky turned up looking like the delicious little angelic devil that she is…

Beelzebub has a Devil put aside for me. For me! FOR MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! ^^

Meanwhile her C-ute colleague Chisato had decided to go for an old-school look. Sort of…

Or is that in the navy now? How do you like my beach by the way? Well you know what they say? Life’s a beach and then Maimai gets washed up and everyone looks at it thinking “what is it? Look at it’s head…it’s…it’s huge!” Oh and then you die. Of fright.

Also sporting the schoolie look was S/mileage now freshly changed from their performance…

I had to send the left and right ones home though as it was getting past their bedtime. I was rather proud of coming up with that excuse on the spot. 😛 To be fair I’d have let Saki stay but then my excuse for telling Kago Kanon to go wouldn’t have worked.

Back in the grounds Konno was romping around happily…

A pair of Konnos is a lovely sight. Yes she was also playing with my rabbit Konkon. What did you think I meant?

Meanwhile Sexy Cat had turned up as a sexy bunny…

Then as the others nibbled on some sushi I nipped upstairs for a more fulfilling course of turtle…

Mmm…the skin tastes as salty as the sea and there’s a smell of fish. >.>

Finally I would like to announce that in honour of my blog reaching 400,000 hits I have declared today, November 5th, a day of celebration in the UK. I would like to suggest people up and down the country light bonfires and set off fireworks to participate in this event. If you want to burn some effigies of Gaika the Dark Lord of all idol creation then please be my guest!

Right. I’m off to lounge by the pool…

What’s that Ai-chan? You want some sun tan lotion applying. Okaymmmmfffmmmfff. Taftes life cocofnut.


4 responses to “Sexy Party!

  1. Congrats! I wish everyone in the UK a happy Morningtime Night! I’m a bit surprised you invited Linlin though, but I guess she impressed you with her bow biting skills? XD Funny post and such sexy pics! Did I say sexy? I meant, beautiful! ^^

  2. Congrats on the 400K and your new national holiday (and Happy Guy Fawkes Day too).

    Nice round-up of picspam for this one.

    Oh and bonsaidol…HA! Laughed so hard I friggin’ snorted when I read that.

  3. Jltos – No no you said sexy. Too late to take it back now! 😉

    Clocutron – Thanks. I think every home should have a bonsaidol. They won’t need feeding that much and they’d brighten the place up. O-o

    Keyinjpop – Thanks. A new name commenting on my blog? Always welcome!

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