Lovely Pics

I just wanted to share a few pics of Her Heavenly Being, The Angel of The North (plus South, East and West), the Pop Princess of Perfection herself Takahashi (Lovely) Ai. Why? Because I can.


I am so there. I’ll do anything for her. ANYTHING!


The perfection of her eyes, smile and personality is beyond that of a mere mortal. She has surely been sent to Earth to lead a revolution of heart and soul. An uprising of inner beauty will occur in which the hearts of entire nations are cleansed. Purified consciousness will sweep the world and the people will be as one. Religion, politics, colour, class will all be swept into a sea of irrelevance as mankind attains new heights of empathy for the planet around us. A new dawn awaits in which men, women and children step blinking into a world suddenly full of inner sunshine. People emerge onto streets and hug random strangers. Burglars knock on doors to repentantly return stolen goods. Communities hold street parties and sing songs of love, hope and brotherhood deep into the night. The Daily Mail shuts down. The world becomes a truly wonderful place as mankind finally realises the potential for good deep in the heart of every person. All because of Ai-chan and her perfection and purity.

Oh and she has an absolutely perfect arse as well. >.>

I think the Seishun Collection pv outfit is one of the worst Momusu have ever been given. The colours go horribly together and the actual jumpsuit looks unflattering. Yet despite that Ai-chan still looks absolutely gorgeous. Now that’s Heavenly perfection. Jesus fed 5000 men with 5 barley loaves and two fish? Yeah well Ai-chan makes even the worst H!P outfits not just bearable but actually invisible. See anyone else wearing the mad designs of a particularly-eager-to-use all-the-crayons 5 year old and you think “WTF is she wearing?” Yet see Ai-chan wearing the same clothes and all you see is Ai-chan’s perfection. All you think is “please tell me what I can do to please you oh divine being? Just give me one smile and I will walk 10,000 miles in my bare feet just to build a temple to your beauty out of Care Bear fur and unicorn tears. Oh celestial Ai-chan let me do your bidding.” Well that and “perfect arse” obviously. You can keep Jesus. I’ll feel Ai-chan in my heart and the world will be bliss. Now that’s a true miracle!

Anyway to finish with here is Ai-chan with a not-so-perfect but almost-but-not-quite as attractive fellow idol…

The Tartan Aimy has never looked so good!

Ai-chan: Number 1 forever!


6 responses to “Lovely Pics

  1. Wow. Yes, lovely indeed. Thanks for the picspam.

    Although I think the world is way too stupid to obtain that level of bliss you describe, even with the lovely Ai-chan.

  2. That first picture you have up there is absolutely stunning.

    That look on her face absolutely exudes confidence, which is quite refreshing considering how humble she normally is.

    And your description of perfect utopia? I could go for some of that. =]

  3. Clocutron – I fear you may be right. But Ai-chan can work miracles. Miracles I tell you!

    Jltos – Ah friends forever, Ai-chan and Sayu. ^^

    Nights4Saturn – Ai-chan can do confident really well on stage if the song demands that kind of performance. Even then though it’s incredibly fun loving and somehow not in the slightest bit egotistical.

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