The Best Youtube Video EVER!

The lovely Mixounette over on Twitter alerted me to this video of pure joyful WIN today. It’s one of those teenage-girl-dances-to-jpop-in-her-bedroom videos. The difference being? Well this teenage girl is Okai Chisato and she’s dancing to Dance de Bakoon! 😀 I can’t describe how fun it is to watch Okai doing this. So I won’t. I’ll just post the video. 😛

The first thing I want to say is I love Chisato’s chunky thighs. She is proof you don’t have to resemble a stick insect to be damn attractive. ^^ The second thing I want to say is that is one heck of a cd collection in the background. The third thing I want to say is I really hope this starts a trend. I’d love to see Nacky doing the same thing. Also if it does start a trend then the fourth thing I want to say is bye bye Beckii Cruel. You’ve just become totally obsolete. XD

Mmm…chunky thighs…

Edit: Now she has done a second video.

And now a third. 😀


24 responses to “The Best Youtube Video EVER!

  1. The moment I saw your post title on twitter, I knew what it was about! 😀 It’s so much fun watching this! It’s a bit like, “Wow she’s so good she should audition for H!P… wait… she already IS in H!P…” XD

  2. Isnt it the best thing ever!?? I commented saying that she totally one upped every other fan-dancer on youtube, and i guess 31 people agreed with me lol

  3. This is so lovely =D (no not Ai-chan)
    I mean, Chisato completely blew me away on stage this summer, and the more I see of her the more I fall =D

    Also, the thigh part. L-o-V-e!

  4. And now she’s done a second video!

    Chisatointelligenceagency – It’s nice to see her getting some exposure!

    Nin0bb – Chisato has really blossomed over the past year or so. Her personality also helps give her a unique vibe in H!P.

  5. Oh, that was absolutely fantastic and, I agree, I’d love to see more of this from other members.

    That CD collection is phenomenal. Maybe I’m in the wrong line of work. I just need to become a j-pop idol to be able to afford all the music I want. It makes my collection look pathetic (although my DVD collection is currently approx. 950 titles/1350 discs).

    As for chunky thighs…this isn’t the first time I’ve thought that (yes, I agree about Chisato). Watching the 2004 concert of W and Berryz Koubou, I loved that Kago Ai was chubbier than your average idol. Of course, I think there was a lot to like about her before she turned weird.

    Okay, I should go check that 2nd video link you posted.

  6. I should also say that I find it awesome how many views there are on these videos compared to the PVs. At the moment, Chisa’s Dance de Bakoon video has over 105K views. Fantastic!

      • Oh sure, I really like Airi as well.
        More what I was thinking about is that Chisato gets too little attention in C-ute compared to like Airi.

      • Agreed. As much as I like Airi, it disappoints me how the rest of C-ute gets ignored sometimes.

      • Airi has a great voice I think but at the same time I actually prefer Nacky, Maimi and Chisato to her.

        Oh and now Forever Love has been given the Chisato treatment. XD I’ve put the link in the main post.

        Oh and I never really notice MaiMai. As you can tell from this…


      • Admittedly, I’d like to see more even distribution of lines in their songs. Airi is still my favorite but Maimi is absolutely incredible (super-perfect, genetically-engineered idol girl) and Nacky and Chisato are fantastic too. Just not that little potato that keeps hanging around for some reason.

        I’ll have to check out that new link a bit later when I have more time but I’m really looking forward to it.

  7. ^
    lol harsh on the maimai, but i must confess she is the bottom of my C-ute ranking of the members.

    the amount of views chisa is generating is incredible. C-ute could start a revolution here, and that would be awesome, being my fave H!P group and all.

    would hope the of girls of C-ute follow suit… would love to see maimi doing some dance covers… mmm, maimi ¦3

    • It’s great to see Chisato getting some love. At the very least doing a solo dance video like that through the official C-ute channel gets her some solo recognition. I would really love to see the other girls follow suit. Especially Nacky. 😀

    • True, that was a little too harsh on Maimai. Not my favorite but I should retract that comment.

      I’d love to see the other members do some of this too.

    • word on the grapevine… we need 500k views on chisa’s dance de bakoon cover vid before UFA release the full PV of aitai lonely christmas.

      admittedly nakky will be great on these dances, but yajima “the legend” maimi is right up there too and would be my first choice! they would both show the likes of beckii and kozue how to “dance de bakoon”!

      (sorry, couldn’t resist bringing out the pun gun)

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