Ice Cream Musume – Momoiro Clover Style!

Ice cream. It’s lovely stuff. So tasty. Such a pleasurable treat. Never more so than when being consumed for your delectation by cute idols. Now H!P have already grown wise to this fact. Observe if you will…

However one idol group has gone one (million) steps further. Yes Momoiro Clover that butt kicking idol group behind the great Ikuze! Kaito Shoujo song and pv have gone and totally blown the opposition away with their new pv for Kimi To Sekai. But first here is the pv to Ikuze! Kaito Shoujo just in case you have never seen it…

A great song and pv. But their latest single Pinky Jones takes things one step further. The single has three tracks and also three pv’s. The third track is a theme song to some computer game or somesuch. It’s called Kimi to Sekai and it’s hotter than any pv I have ever seen. Here have some screencaps by way of explanation…

Good isn’t it? 😀 And it gets even better. How? Well what could be better than watching girls sensually eating ice cream? Well how about they start sharing it around?

Or better yet how about they just start kissing or licking each other?

Yes this is four minutes of lightsaber-on-full-charge inducing orgasmic heaven!

However I think the biggest plaudits have to go to Tamai Shiori for being both sexy but also cutely playful. As well as her great ice cream smeared smile earlier on in the pv we also get…

Sexy and cute. 😀

Anyway the whole pv is absolutely shit hot and well worth watching (and rewatching again and again and again). So with that in mind here is the actual pv. No dancing, no lip-synching, just four minutes of pure ice cream licking orgasmic pleasure!

I think if Ice Creammusume (or however it was spelt) had only thought of doing this they wouldn’t have disbanded already.

I also like the way that all the weeaboos get up in arms whenever idols do anything approaching sexy. As though they think Japan is all innocence and sweetness. People are not just sweetness and light. Sex and sedxuality is an inescapable fact of life (and a very pleasurable one too). ^^

20 responses to “Ice Cream Musume – Momoiro Clover Style!

  1. Fantastic stuff – I’ve never enjoyed eating ice cream but I certainly like watching cute Japanese girls eating it. MomoClo is definitely one of my new favorites. I have their first three singles and I’m still waiting for Pinky Jones from CDJapan (already shipped but takes a while).

    I discovered a great new forum site dedicated to this group called The Weekend Heroine. Among other things, they have Romaji lyrics of all the songs. I think you need to register to view the forum but it’s worth it – seems like a great community. Check it out if you’re interested:

    • So far I only have one single (Ikuze! Kaito Shoujo Reni cover version. It was a toss up between her and Shiori) but I really want the Pinky Jones single too. I especially want the cd/dvd version C one. Funny that. >.> XD

      Oh I’ve just joined that site. Thanks for the link.

      • Shiori’s my favorite in the group – she’s so ridiculously cute. When I ordered that single I didn’t really know anything about any of the members though so I just got the regular edition. Had a hard time choosing for Pinky Jones but ended up ordering Type A.

  2. A biased H!P fanGIRL like me shouldn’t comment on this, but… oh well… XD

    My thoughts when looking at the first five pics: “Cute, cute, cute, cute, cute! :)”

    As for the rest… I already told you on Twitter that I don’t like the PV, but now I watched all of it (I really did!) and I actually found it entertaining. For completely wrong reasons though. I thought it was… hilarious! XD I wonder if it’s illegal to suck ice cream like that in public? XD I’m sorry! I really am. XD

      • Yeah, they need to work on the naming a bit…

        Fantastic that Chisato finally gets a pb and yeah, nin0bb, a Wada pb would be great too…as well as more Reina. You can never have too much Reina.

  3. Okay, so I ended up ordering the B and C versions of Pinky Jones as well. While I was at it, I got the Shiori version of Ikuze! Kaito Shoujo and finally found the Limited CD/DVD of Momoiro Punch (both CDJapan and Yesasia say it’s out of print). Finally, I pre-ordered the upcoming Passpo album Take*Off – there’s another new group I can’t get enough of. I’ve got their first 5 singles and I’m really happy to see an album release from them.

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  5. I think the complaint is that there’s nothing easier for a band like this than making their performance about sex. Nothing wrong with sex. I think it’s great. I watched the video, it’s good. A little weird, because they’re very young and don’t look particularly comfortable, but it’s fine.

    That said, some people, including myself, like the bands they follow to not always take the easiest, most obvious route to fame. What is difficult, and what takes talent, is making an idol band that’s about music, dancing, humor and drama, rather than sex.

    As it turns out, a year of so after they made this video, this obscure little idol band called Momoiro Clover added a Z to their name, and changed their direction. They stopped using sexuality almost completely in their performances, and instead made a conscious attempt to try and impress the audience in other, harder to accomplish, ways.

    It’s the main reason why, these days, they’re selling out stadiums and going around performing with the biggest names in Japanese music (not to mention Kiss).

    • I don’t think it was a year after this that they changed really. I think they had never really been about sex beforehand either. They’d always been a bit goofy. This PV was a total change of direction for them and pretty much a one-off. From what I remember it was one of three PVs released the same time and was totally different to the other two (Pinky Jones and Coco☆Nuts) both of which were the usual zany MomoClo. If anything this PV stands out as a bit of a wtf moment. Although I find that actually quite entertaining in itself. The PV came totally out of nowhere.

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