Okai Chisato Solo Single on iTunes!

Okai Chisato has had a solo single released via iTunes. It’s Love Namidairo, a cover version of the evil chipmunk’s single. Chisa has also got a video on Youtube of her singing and dancing to the song…

I really like this. I like the song (especially when not being sung by an evil rodent) but I also really like the possibilities this opens up for both Chisa and other H!P members. Maybe now other often overlooked H!P members will start to get a chance to step out of the shadows of their better known colleagues and forge a career that doesn’t rely on standing at the back doing backing vocals.

Also just to update you on the Chisato dance phenomenon she has also recently danced to Massara Thrusting Heaven…

I love that song. Pity she wasn’t wearing the jeans though. 😀

Finally Chisato’s photobook is now up for preorder from Wanibooks. The limited edition cover is very pretty!

The pb (and her dvd) should soon start appearing for order at the usual places like CDJapan and YesAsia. It’s already available to order at HMV Japan. Good times! 😀


6 responses to “Okai Chisato Solo Single on iTunes!

  1. I told you Ayaya had nice songs! 😀 This is one of my favourite songs from her, and Chisa did a great job singing it. I think it suits her voice well. I’ve never bought anything from iTunes before, but if it’s not too difficult… I might buy this one.

    I’m really happy about the attention Chisa is getting. Just a while ago, I decided that she’s my favourite C-ute member, and now a lot of fun things are happening to her. 🙂

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