Vote For The Best H!P Single of 2010!

Yes it’s that time of the year again where I ask you to choose the best H!P-related single of the year. Then after you have done that I tell you just why you are wrong. WRONG I TELL YOU! Ahem. Anyway this year it’s interesting to note that H!P’s flagship group has actually had the least singles released this year out of the five main groups/singers. Although Morning Musume did at least get get two albums as well. In terms of number of releases the year belonged to Japan Record Awards 2010 New Artist Award nominees S/mileage who had four singles in the year plus a joint single with Oha Girl Maple. C-ute also got four singles, Berryz Koubou three (although one was a double A-side so I’ve counted it as two seperate singles in the poll) and Mano Erina also three. Plus there were solo songs of a sort for Sugaya Risako and Okai Chisato this year. So just who will get the Morningtime Best H!P-Related Single Award for 2010? In 2009 the winner was Morning Musume with Shouganai Yume Oibito. They narrowly beat…err…Morning Musume into second place with Nanchatte Renai. Buono propped up the top three with MY BOY but this year they have just the single OUR S…sorry Our Songs in the running. Well all that was regardless as last year the best single was clearly Mano Erina’s Sekai wa Summer Party. Even if I wast the only fucker that voted for it. >.> Oh and besides Morning Musume’s best single of the year had been Kimagure Princess. Clearly! The year before I didn’t have a public vote (WordPress didn’t have a poll option back then. HA! Laugh at the frightening simplicity of the olden days). However I still gave the award to the lovely V-U-den ladies for their farewell single Nanni mo Iwazu ni I Love You.

So it’s over to you. Who will get the ‘People’s Choice’ award this year? (Hmm…I should have set up an expensive phone line, charged people to vote and then rigged it and gave the award to Ant’n’fuckingDec anyway). Use your vote wisely. Don’t forget people went through many hardships and fought long and hard battles to get every man, woman and child the right to a vote. Don’t waste it. Not that I think you will. I mean none of Guardians 4 singles got any votes last year so why should their one offering this year get any?


19 responses to “Vote For The Best H!P Single of 2010!

  1. Ok, so… By reading the list down I was thinking something like; OH HECK, this is NOT going to be an easy choice. But then Little Chisa appeared on the bottom and suddenly I’m really wanting to push that box.

    Risako’s solo was pretty good as well.

    Then theres ganbaranakutemo eenende, maji bonba and dance de bakoon.
    I’m completely engulfed by those three…

    Not to mention MMs seishun collection. I really want to click on this one. I absolutely adore that song, and it coupled with the musical is so great!

    Of course onna to otoko no lullaby game is great as well, and so is onna ga medatte naze ikenai…

    IDOLULU, I kinda adore that song as well, Also Mano has onegai dakara, thats a great song..

    See where I’m going with this? I can’t choose, yet… I should sit down with every single one of them..

      • Well, I suppose one can say so :p
        Only problem of mine is I haven’t listened to anything of C-ute, Berryz or Mano other than their singles and what I heard of them on stage.

        I should probably do that as well don’t you think?

        Also, CHISATO XD

  2. I haven´t voted yet…i´m thinking lol, but i think i´m gonna vote Chisato´s digital single……….tomorrow i´ll vote

    Not only is a good Ayaya´s song, also this single means a lot…….how a underrated girl can get all what she deserves by her own determination

  3. Well, there are some in the list I don’t really care about but I had a hard time choosing as well. Now that I’ve voted, I can’t help but wonder if I made the wrong choice…oh well, too late.

      • I voted Dance de Bakoon! pretty much without hesitation but there have been quite a few singles this year that I like. Looking at the current results (114 votes so far), my choice is in the lead with 22 votes. I guess my #2 would be Yumemiru 15sai – to be honest, I found the next 2 S/mileage singles to be a bit weak after that one.

  4. Besides Appare Kaiten Zushi, you also forgot C-ute’s Akuma song! I know you don’t care for dancing sushi plates, but how can you do this to the cute little devils? 😦

    • Err…err…it’s a poll for singles released commercially via shops or the internet. Releases via musicals in theatres don’t count…or something. >.> 😛

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