NackyStore USA

Earlier this week I came home from work to a nice big package. I’m glad it was nice as the VAT charge and Parcel Force delivery charge had set me back over £20. Nevertheless what I held in my hand dear reader was a parcel from HelloStoreUSA that was full of full-lipped big-toothed WIN! Yes it was my package of Nacky delight. Observe…

That’s my first ever Nacky t-shirt (it’s actually in Nacky’s blue colour and not any shade of green. My digital camera is what is known as utter crap).

I also got my secoond ever H!P towel. The first one I ever got was a Kanna one so it seems fitting that the second one is also C-ute related…

I absolutely love the picture used for that towel! ^^

Finally I got a lot of photos…

I especially like the Nacky Dance Special pics. She looks so different somehow and yet still really beautiful. I also got this C-ute set of larger pics…

And finally I got some Nacky pics too. >.>


All welcome additions to my H!P collection. However I’m hoping for two very special additions in the new year. The H!P fanclub has signed panels on offer this month and amongst the idols available are Ai-chan and Nacky. ^^


6 responses to “NackyStore USA

  1. I was looking at the HS USA site yesterday and they have special birthday collections… I probably shouldn’t have said that

    The stuff you got is really nice though! For some reason, I want that towel… but in poster form. That picture is just perfect for a poster ♥

  2. I saw the special birthday collections. I don’t think I’ll be ordering anything though. Import charges just make everything horrendously expensive.

    It is a great picture. I think a life-size poster would be good. ^^ XD

    • I kind of want to order the Koharu one… but her pictures have this weird pink tint to them. I’m wondering if that’s the photo quality because if it’s not and it’s actually that saturated looking, I’m not going to like it much :c

      A towel isn’t bad either 😛 I really just like that picture… the photosets of the C-ute members in those outfits are really nice.

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