Chisato Preview Pics (Plus Photobooks Galore!)

The next month or so is going to be a great time for us lovers of idol photobooks. With Chisato’s first pb just released today, Kanna Arihara’s first pb released last week and Shimizu Saki’s first solo pb due out 12th January, not to mention a new Ishikawa Rika photobook out on 19th January and a Kumai Yurina photobook released just over a week ago it’s a great time to be into H!P idols past and present. So what better way to celebrate than with a quick run-through of the pictures that have shown up so far? Merry Christmas. It is the season to feel jolly…although I’ve never heard it called a “jolly” before. 😛

First up Okai Chisato. I’d been screaming for a Chisa pb for ages so I’m massively happy that she has finally been given one. I preordered mine from the Wanibooks site (using Celga) so I’ll be expecting it in the new year. From what I’ve seen so far it’s going to be great! Look…

Chisato has grown up beautifully. I always liked her tomboyish attitude and she hasn’t lost that in the slightest. Yet she has also grown up to be funny, charming and beautiful too. What a winning combination. The photobook previews make it seem like the pb is going to be great. But don’t just take their word for it. Here’s some caps from the accompanying making of…

Simply stunning!

However something tells me Kanna Arihara’s pb will also be a winner…

I’ve also ordered this pb. I’m waiting for it from HMV Japan. ^^ I think it’s going to be great and like Chisato’s very long overdue!

Meanwhile not too much has surfaced yet for Shimizu Saki’s first pb but two pics have appeared in a magazine…

Shimizu isn’t really my cup of tea but I’m glad she’s getting a photobook at last. I think H!P has too often focussed on a select few idols. This can be frustrating to fans of other idols. Even though my favourite idol is Ai-chan and so I’m very well serviced in that department I’m also a big fan of Nacky so I do know what it’s like to be frustrated at seeing somebody all too often overlooked, whether it be musically or as an individual idol away from the  group. Well it seems like H!P is now giving all the idols a chance to shine and along with Chisato now Shimizu Saki is getting her chance. I approve of that (and I also hope Nacky gets a second pb soon. XD)

One pb I will definitely be ordering is Ishikawa Rika’s. Meeting her would have been my highlight of 2010 had it not been for also meeting Ai-chan and Jltos this year. Even so Rika has only been outdone by my meeting my favourite idol and meeting someone who is now my best friend (and what a four days that was!) As for Rika, well meeting her I was so taken with her beauty and charm. Seeing her in person and getting her autograph and then two days later seeing her sing live and getting to ask a question at the end, well…that was also a damn good couple of days. 😀 In January 2010 I got her 24 photobook and loved it. Now in January 2011 her 11th photobook “Lucky” will be released. Apparently it’s named after her old dog. O-O Well what a great name for a dog of Rika’s. Any creature that got to sit in her lap certainly was lucky! As will we be when the pb is released…

Ishikawa Rika is soon to be 25 years of age. Time flies. Her beauty goes nowhere though. She is still gorgeous!

As for Kumai Yurina, like with Shimizu Saki she’s not somebody I’m really into. However it’s good to see her getting a third pb…

I’m sure Yurina has plenty of fans who will be delighted to see her long, slim figure getting some coverage. ^^

Finally my round up of recent and upcoming pb’s wouldn’t be complete without mentioning one final one. Yes on the day Junjun and Linlin left Morning Musume it was announced that Mitsui Aika would be receiving her first pb release in 2011. So as the pandas were being put into a two-person canoe and given a friendly push out into the Pacific Ocean Mitsui was celebrating her good news. I haven’t paid too much attention to her pb previews but I did see this one…

Again it’s good for her fans that she is getting a pb release. I’m sure her pb “Beware” will sell well. It’s just a pity that in amongst all these pb releases and the 87 different Kamei Eri pb’s released in the past two months that H!P couldn’t find room for a pandas pb. Even a joint one would have been rather lovely.


Still not to end on a down point let us concentrate on the win that is coming/is to come. 2010 has felt like Chisato’s year. I hope 2011 is just as good for her and all the other H!P idols as well. So to finish I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Here is Ishikawa Rika’s present to us all…

Rika baby leave a present under the tree for me…YOU! Now that really would make me feel HA…PPY! 😀


13 responses to “Chisato Preview Pics (Plus Photobooks Galore!)

  1. Great round-up, Morningtime. I’m really hoping to get both the Chisato and Kanna PBs. But it won’t be for a couple of weeks so I hope they don’t sell out immediately or something.

    Would be a great present to stuff stockings and whatnot with Rika on Christmas. I think it just got really warm in here…

  2. Clocutron – I think the Chisa and Kanna pb’s will bothe be great. I think Reina may get one soon as she has a dvd coming out next year. I also heard something about Wada Ayaka getting one. If that’s true it’ll be another one to watch out for.

    Meyouu – ?neht desirprus erew uoy 😛

    • Actually, I didn’t really think she’d fit right in the, uh, costumes.
      Kudos to the staff involved.
      And a Season’s late Greetings to you.

    • I’d love to see Dawa get a PB – she’s my current favorite S/mileage member. And you can never have too much Reina so that would be fantastic too.

      I’m really looking forward to another year of H!P releases (though my bank account isn’t looking forward to it as much). I’m hoping for a fantastic year for H!P – don’t know why but I think they’re going to do well in 2011.

      Well, I hope you had a good Christmas and have a great New Year’s celebration as well.

  3. Meyouu – Ah Chisato may be a little larger figured sometimes but she still has an attractive chunky figure even then. She really looks great in these pics though.

    Clocutron – Wada is my second favourite S/miley after Yuuka. I’d love to see her getting some solo recognition. She deserves it.

    Oh and a belated merry Christmas to both of you. Plus have a great H!P New Year! XD

  4. Oh, that’s awesome! Nacky’s fantastic and I hope she gets more individual recognition this year. C-ute needs to be lifting up the talents of Nacky and Chisa instead of pushing them into the background.

    • I’m positive for their futures. Chisato has really broken out this year and Nacky has been getting more exposure too. She had her fiirst pb back late last year and this year she’s got a semi-regular spot on some tv show Sayumi and Yaguchi appear on plus she was in the Fashionable stage play with Momusu. Next year she’ll go from strength to strength!

      • Agreed. And I really think this kind of recognition of their talent as individuals can go a long way toward strengthening C-ute as a group. Although I really liked Shocking 5, it was clear that C-ute was lacking compared to previous albums. But I still think the group has the potential to be as strong as the once were even with the current 5-nin lineup.

        There’s a hell of a lot of talent there and even Mai has started to grow on me though she’s still 5th in my ranking of the members. Airi’s still my favorite but she’s not the be-all-end-all and embracing the talent of all five members could make them a highlight of 2011 for me.

    • I agree completely. The individuals should all get their moments to shine. To me that’s an integral part of the idol experience. If you don’t get a chance to enjoy and support your favourite idols then what’s the point?

  5. Chisaaa! 🙂 The PB does look good! I especially like the pics that are the 3rd from up and the 3rd from down.

    I totally agree, the original cutie musume isn’t losing her charm! (25 IS still young though!) And… what you said about me… it’s so much! It’s so much. But I’m happy you say that anyway. 🙂

    Oh and cute wink on the Aika PB cover! XD

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