Happy Omnomnom Day Maeda Yuuka

Maerda Yuuka is omnomnom on the 28th December. Happy Omnomnom day to her. Yes the S/mileage and High-King cutie was born 16 years ago on Tuesday. Sweet 16! 🙂 I thought to celebrate the special day I’d post some picspam of the lovely S/miley (as I like to call S/mileage members).

I’ve always enjoyed watching Yuuka perform. There’s something about her body language and expressions that fills me with glee. That’s such an idol thing. I can’t think of any other type of performer that can give that sort of feeling. With H!P there’s plenty that do but Yuuka is one of the ones I get the feeling from the strongest. It also helps of course that she’s so cute. 😛 Anyway 2010 has been a great year for S/mileage and for Yuuka. She got her first photobook and dvd this year and S/mileage made their major debut, had three other major label singles and an album all released. I’m sure 2011 will see both the group and the individual members going from strength to strength. To me even though Wada is considered the leader Yuuka is the Queen of the group. She is the most experienced through her High-King work and just seems like the face of the group. I hope she enjoys her 16th birthday and that she continues to entertain us all for many years to come.


6 responses to “Happy Omnomnom Day Maeda Yuuka

  1. Oh, she is so ridiculously cute and she really does have a magical charming quality about her. Fantastic picspam round-up. Happy Sweet 16, Yuuka!

  2. Happy birthday to the cutest S/miley! I think in some of the pics, like the Ganbaranakutemo Eenende close-up pic, she looks a bit like Sayu.

  3. Happy birthday to a very S/miley girl indeed =)
    Though I’m still a way bigger fan of Wada. Used to like Yuuka better before I saw them live this summer, I got blown away :p

    Though I can’t not WANT to join her in bed in that photo…

  4. Clocutron – Yes that magical charming quality is something idols do so well. It’s why I love them so much. Yuuka is a perfect example!

    Jltos – Saying someone looks a bit like Sayu is like the biggest compliment you can pay someone isn’t it? 😛

    Nin0bb – I heard Wada is getting a pb in the new year. I hope it’s true. She’s my second favourite in the group.

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