Ninth Gen Finalists

So it’s only about a day or so until we find out who the lucky winners of the ninth gen auditions are. The five finalists have been covered in a Bijo Gaku episode which you can check out in 2 parts here…

So who do we have? Well…

Wait…there’s a finalist called Otsuka Aina? Well that won’t work. If she says her name in a concert Reina will think she’s stealing her line. “I’m the one who says Otsuka Reina bitch!” *SLAP*

Having watched the programme my hopes would go thus…

Sayashi Riho is one heck of a dancer and her voice ain’t bad. She looks good too. Very cute. Thinking back to previous auditions she actually has an Ai-chan vibe I think. Such a strong all-rounder. I really hope she gets in.

The force is strong in this one! She’s only 12 too! She has such potential to grow as an idol.

Of the rest I’d say Suzuki Kanon is my second favourite. Again she’s only 12 but there’s something about her that kind of makes you like her effort. I’d root for her. Also her name makes her sound like a really powerful motorbike. 😛

I’d put Ikuta Erina 3rd and Otsuka Aina 4th although there’s not much in it from what I’ve seen so far. Neither have leapt out at me but neither have set alarm bells ringing either. Meanwhile I’d put Mogi Minami in a bin liner and take her to the river. It’s a cruel way to have a Mogi put down but I haven’t got the money for the vets. 😀 Also she looks too much like the weird looking unnatractive one from Momoiro Clover. You know, the one with the eyebrows.

Now obviously I’m being very mean to a girl who is only 11 but I mean it in jest. Having said that if I see Riho as having an Ai-chan potential then I see Mogi as having an Aika potential. What’s the betting that Tsunku is in git mode and puts Mogi in and not Riho then? It could be another Aika and Kikkawa Yuu moment. I hope not. Personally I will be very happy if Riho and Kanon make it in. Especially Riho. If they both make it in I won’t even care who else does. But they are all so young. O-O I think I’m getting too old too quick. Mind you it’s Ai-chan I feel sorry for. I just have to watch the little buggers, whereas she has to work with them. 😛


13 responses to “Ninth Gen Finalists

  1. The moment I saw Minami I knew you would see Aika potential in her. XD I think she has good chances getting in though as she has a… unique face. I like Riho the best too.

  2. Oh and sorry for the double comment, but I’m wondering if anyone else sees the name Aina Otsuka as nothing else but Ai Otsuka with an extra “na”. You probably don’t though? But as you know I’m a (casual) fan of hers so it’s something I wanted to point out.

    • Never thought of it because I don’t know much about Otsuka Ai but it’s definitely an interesting thing to point out.

  3. Yeah, MT, I’d have to agree with your rankings of the five. I’d really like to see Riho and Kanon win (if Tsunku has his head screwed on straight when he makes the decision). Otherwise, Tsunku could either do the opposite of what your rankings show or possibly scrap them all and call the audition a bust. Who knows anymore with that guy.

  4. I’d definitely say Riho and Kanon. And possibly Erina.
    But knowing Tsunku he’d probably add all 5 of them.
    I mean Minami and Aina are both cute girls as well, but they have a much longer walk to take as far as progression is.

    • Yeah, I don’t think they would have made it to finalists without good potential but it would be a much longer walk for Minami and Aina. It would be cool if any of the girls who don’t make it into Momusu at least get to be Eggs to improve their skills.

  5. I just thought of a reason you couldn’t have Mogi in Momusu. Her and Mitsui would fight like cat and dog. Ahahahahahaaaaa…I’m here all week folks. >.>

  6. The winners have been announced: Riho, Erina, Kanon passed and an egg called Mizuki Fukuhara (think I messed up the surname) will be added to MM.

    • I think it’s Fukumura Mizuki (at least that’s what I read somewhere else). I’m really pleased with the results too. Looking forward to seeing the 9th gen in action this year.

      • Me too. Riho will be amazing. Suzuki Kanon reminds me a lot of Konkon so I’m looking forward to seeing how she develops. I shall call her KanKon. 😛

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