Happy 26th birthday Ishikawa (Gorgeous) Rika!

Ishikawa Rika is 26 on 19th January. Yes 26! O-O And she looks more beautiful than ever. ^^ So here in celebration is some picspam!

Her latest photobook “Lucky” is released on the 19th too. As you can see from these previews it’s going to be another great Rika release. I ordered mine from YesAsia so I should have it by about mid-April. >.> I’m looking forward to seeing it. I seem to have more Rika pb’s than even Ai-chan ones.

Meeting Rika last year was one of the highlights of the year for me, as was seeing her perform live. I hope this year that chance comes again. Rika is just so beautiful. She was also charmy…I mean charm itself when I met her. She certainly *BAD JOKE ALERT* charmed me. >.>

Rika is yet more proof of the longevity of Momusu members. It’s been nearly six years since she left Morning Musume and yet she’s still as active as ever. She never seems to be off the tv in Japan and still gets to sing through her work with the similarly busy Yoshizawa Hitomi in Hangry & Angry. Plus she was in the wonderful v-u-den (and EcoMoni) too. Not to mention being in Ongaku Gatas. Rika deserves all the success she gets. I hope this year brings her lots more (and another trip to England! 😀 ) Ah Rika nanni mo iwazu ni kore kara mo I love you! ^^

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