Pocket Morning Weekly Questions & Answers

I thought I’d do a (very) quick round up of some of the really really interesting recent Pocket Morning questions and answers.

First up…

Yes the Pocket Morning questions continue to excite. Whew! I need a lie down after reading them!


12 responses to “Pocket Morning Weekly Questions & Answers

  1. XD This was so funny, especially Risa’s answer to the Martian question made me laugh. (My dad was next to me and he asked, “what’s so funny”? No, I didn’t show this to him! XD) Please never stop making these posts.

  2. Sayu’s answer to the age question… LOL

    Now, obviously Reina’s answer to the vegetable wins, only cus thats a true story.
    2nd one for me has to be Ai’s answer to the sleepy question =D

    Oh, not to mention Reina on the tin can phone xD

    Aika stuff never stops to be funny =D

  3. Clocutron – I won’t need a substitute babysitter…not while there’s viagra. 😛

    Nin0bb – Aika never stops being ‘funny’. And by ‘funny’ I actually mean ‘retarded’. >.>

  4. Amazing how those girls can come up with such interesting answers for such very very mundane questions, hehe. =]

    I couldn’t help but actually snicker at Aika’s answer to the vegetable question. Very funny!

    • There are real questions. I am not sure who asks them though. I think it’s members of some official online site. These answers are mostly me joking though!

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