Happy Nacky Day Everybody!

February 5th 2011 is the day my adopted daughter (she just doesn’t know it) Nakajima Saki is 17 years old. Aww. Happy birthday Nacky! To celebrate I hereby declare February 5th to be Nacky Day. It’s a wota bank holiday and should be acknowledged as such by all employers. You could say it’s on the grounds of religious beliefs. Well most H!P idols are goddesses so…

Anyway I didn’t buy it especially but since I have it I hereby declare this cake my special ‘Nacky’s birthday’ cake…

It’s got the lemony zest that typifies the approach to life of a 17 year old H!P idol and it’s got a buttercream filling which typifies errerr…well use your imagination! ^^

To celebrate the special one’s 17 years gracing this planet with her cuteness and beauty here are some pics of Nacky through the ages. First of all the young Nacky of yesteryear…

😀 Nacky on the left there with Shimizu Saki and Suzuki Airi!

And then the err…still young Nacky of more recent times…

Nacky Airways is the only way to travel!

Finally a few clips. First up this great performance from Nacky and Maimi. It’s One’s Life from the Dance Special tour…

And here is Nacky singing Meguru Koi no Kisetsu from the Cutie Circuit 2009 Five concert.

I hope everybody enjoys Nacky Day on Febuary 5th and I hope Nakajima Saki has a great birthday!


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