Over the past few months my home life has been stressful. Also maybe I’m not that nice a person. Well for whatever reason my MorningtimeBlog account on Twitter is now a dead Twitter account.

Shopkeeper: No it’s not. It’s just pining for the fjords.

MT: That makes no sense.

Shopkeeper: Okay maybe it’s pining for the Fujimoto?

MT: That’s just sick. I’d rather French kiss Mitsui.

Shopkeeper: Really?

MT: Well okay no. But I’d rather lick Yasuda Kei’s sweat from her armpits…which is at least more enjoyable than French kissing Mitsui.

So anyway yeah…I hope nobody minds me not following them or updating the account anymore. Most people I know I have on Facebook anyway.  Also meh. “Meh” is so much more polite than what I originally put. Is this the human trait they call “self-censorship”?


For fucks sake Koharu. Haven’t you learned anything from the Eri scandal? You bloody racist…probably.

The thing with Twitter is (to get back on topic) it’s a bit like going into a room and having everyone shouting at once. It might be a laugh for a while but then you get a headache and eventually you’ll have a nervous breakdown and start making comments supporting government led slaughter of innocent foreigners, bringing back the birch or even worse Kago Ai. So I’m downsizing (there is a recession on after all). I’m not that social anyway. I’m more the lone Reina…I mean wolf type. >.>

Sorry for the boring post! Please look at the next post instead. It has Nacky picspam. Mmm…Nacky.


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