A Post Without A Satnav

I just woke up after a few hours sleep and decided to knock something out (ooer). Then I thought a bit more about it and decided to make a blog post instead. Ahem. >.>

Except…I have nothing to blog about so this should be interesting and random. Well okay possibly just random. Oh alright then probably just random. So come with me on a journey to who knows where (I don’t).

Sigh Yummy’s e-Hello dvd is called “Homey”. Hands up if you thought it said “horny” when you first read it? Yeah me too. To be fair I still think where Sigh Yummy is concerned “horny” is a more fitting title. I mean “homey”? I can’t really see her hanging with her gangsta friends (except Reina), poppin’ a cap in da ass of any idols who cross her and pimping out other H!P members to the wotas (except Reina).

Yo bitches. I had some shit goin’ down with these two ho’s so I had them taken out da I.W.A.* That’s the shit. No other aiggers are gonna mess with this aigger. YouknowhaI’msayin? Yeah. Fo’ sho bitches. Dang. Hey I gotta get back to Compton Yamaguchi to pimp some dogs. And no I ain’t talkin bout Muttsei. Man that’s one bitch you’d only hit with a cap or a bat. Keep it real wotafuckers!

The 7th of February is Yajima Maimi’s 19th and Hagiwara Mai’s 15th birthday so congratulations to them. But spare a thought for ex-Momusu member and current skank Kago Ai-skank. For it’s her birthday too. To celebrate she held a superhero fancy dress party and surprisingly Mitsui Aika turned up. Here’s an exclusive Morningtime pic of the two crushing disappointments together…

Aww cute doesn’t even come into it. And I mean that…it really doesn’t.

Don’t you just hate it when you are taking what will be a great photograph and at the last second somebody gets in the way?


Scientists admit their plans to create a new superidol by splicing the genes from two different idols have backfired…

What’s she called? Niizomi Riji? Tsugaki Nozosa?


I’m not sure but I think I’ve just found evidence that the Wombles made it to Japan and bred…

Come on, that’s what Nacky is holding. It’s a baby womble! I bet the parks of Japan have no litter in them!

You know my instincts are basic at the best of times…

If I had Reina as a doctor I think I’d need my blood pressure lowering. ^^

The perfect picture has been discovered by art critics…

“Portrait of the Artist’s Waifu” by Morningtime expected to be worth millions.

Continuing the trend of H!P members doing horror (e.g. Yajima Maimi and Fukuda Kanon in Fuyu no Kaidan ~Boku to Watashi to Obāchan no Motogatari, Mano Erina in Kai-Ki: Tales of Terror from Tokyo, Niigaki Risa and Nakajima Saki in Gekijouban Hontou ni Atta Kowai Hanashi 3D and Danielle Delaunay in Coconuts Musume) comes Mitsui Aika in her very own horror…

Yes it’s “Aika: Tales of Terror from a Book Store in Japan“. Apparently it contains scenes that are not suitable for those of a nervous disposition or indeed those with good eyesight.

Hmm…my random aimless nonsense is a lot like my intentional nonsense it seems. >.>

*I.W.A. – Idols With Attitude. Obviously!


6 responses to “A Post Without A Satnav

  1. Really, if Aika is going to be surfacing from the depths of the ocean to rampage the beaches of Japan, I wish she were covered in more seaweed…like 100% head to toe or, at the very least, covering her face. Friggin’ Gojira is a sexier idol and I’d much sooner buy his solo photobook (or a group pb also featuring Gamera, Mothra, et al.)

    Oh the horror! Isn’t there some surgery that could correct those faces she makes? I mean, if that shot was the best one they could choose to include then what the hell did the rejected ones look like? Seriously, it looks like she just sucked down a poisonous jellyfish thinking it was an oyster or something.

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