Parcel of WIN/Nakajima Saki Hidamari DVD

Having ordered Nacky’s e-Hello dvd through Celga I was chomping at the bit to watch it. However since I didn’t want to pay postage for that one item I put off having it sent while I made a rare raid on Yahoo Japan’s auction rooms. I had some money in credit with Celga as some Konno Asami photos I’d ordered last year through the fanclub never arrived at their warehouse. To be fair to Celga they chased it up with the fanclub but getting no response they then refunded me all the costs. So with that unexpected windfall I went on a shopping spree.

First up I just had to get these Nacky Dance de Bakoon photos. If for nothing else than for the English messages! ><

“Let’s dancing”. “Are you ready?” Cute! XD

I then got these two Nacky pin-up sized pictures…

I have to say I love these red dresses on almost all the H!P members. Nacky looks beautiful in hers and I love the flash of leg in the second picture! ^^

Then I grabbed two great Ai-chan pin-up sized Rival Survival photos…

Stunning. Ah is this really her final year in Momusu? It’ll never feel as good without her. Still I have faith in the kyuukies, especially Kankan (THAT IS HER NICKNAME!) and Riho.

In case you don’t know how big the pin-up pics are here is a comparison. On the left a pin-up pic and on the right the typical L-sized pic…

I then decided to see if I could pick up Mano’s second pb at a decent price anywhere. I bought the first one when it came out but never got round to getting this one…

Finally from Yahoo Japan I bought this odd bit of paraphernalia for 17 yen…

It’s a flyer for Mano’s horror film. 😀

But of course most importantly of all I got Nacky’s e-Hello dvd Hidamari…

The dvd starts with a minute or so of Nacky pretending to sleep. Here is sleeping Nacky…

And here is Nacky sleeping some more. You can’t see me in this picture as I’m under the covers. ^^

The alarm goes off and Nacky sits up. Oh no she’s late…

About an hour later we’ve finally got out of bed and she’s dressed. >.>

It’s nice of her to dress like that especially for me. She knows what I like. 😀

About an hour later and we’ve got back out of bed and gone for a walk…

That by the way is the official Morningtime Idol Secondary School (MISS) uniform. The junior school – which is called Little Idols Trained & Taught to be Lovely Eggs Morningtime Instructs Sugared Sweeties (LITTLE MISS) – uniform is pretty similar only with hats instead of scarfs.

Anyway back to our pleasant walk…

Well that’s 14 minutes into the dvd and a pleasant 14 minutes it’s been. I wonder if I talk to much though? It’s just so far Nacky-chan hasn’t spoken a word. >.>

Moving onwards and it’s time for a cuppa. Oh Nacky is working at the cafe and now she can talk. Well that’s something. She also looks so damn adorable! ><

Oh well she only spoke briefly. Now she’s off to clean some tables. I’ll just sit here and watch…her legs. ^^

She may need to do a mop up too in a moment. *crosses legs*

It’s not too busy in the cafe so there’s plenty of time for Nacky to gaze out of windows or into my eyes…while not saying anything…

And while she’s doing that I can gaze right back…at her legs…

My sugar-daughter is beautiful. If only she’d talk!

I mean she has such a cute voice. I’d like to hear it m…wait…legs!

Sorry…where was I? I forget.

So now we are half-way through the dvd and she speaks a bit more…well for a minute or so. She also looks really lovely as usual. Although it helps when she actually speaks because then her face gets all animated and she looks less like a doll and more like a human being!

After a minute or so though it’s back to gazing…

Wait she’s taking her clothes off. I must make her hot. ^^

Now leg me see…where was thigh?

Okay she may not be talking much and I do think that’s a terrible waste of an idol really. After all it’s the personality that makes me a fan of someone. The looks sure help – I mean Nacky in that screencap above is pure beauty but lots of other idols are beautiful too. It’s the personality that makes an idol appeal to someone, well certainly in my case. Even so…that screencap…pure happiness in a picture! If H!P could take that essence of idol and market it as medicine the world would never see wars again.

Ah Nacky’s eyes are such lovely eyes.

Ah Nacky’s lips are such lovely lips.

What do you mean Nacky’s gob is such a big gob? Shut up! Anyway it’s a charm point. 😀

Well happily the final part of the dvd is an interview and breaking with tradition it’s not done in sign language. Yes that’s right Nacky actually speaks! Now the always helpful H!F have subtitled this dvd so I will now swap over to their version. You can get it from the tracker at Hello! Online or direct download it at Musume-Central.

Before the interview a quick word from Nacky…

Yes I know.

That’s what I’ve been saying all this time.

Not the way H!P have been making dvd’s recently. >.>

So Nacky what was it like being in bed with Morningtime?

Ah well I’m sure Morningtime broke you in. Do you think you’ll find time to see him again?

Just sleeping? Well anyway do you think you have any rivals for Morningtime’s affections?

Really? Surely Sayu can’t take Morningtime away from you? Not now you’ve shared a bed?

I don’t think that would be a problem. So what’s Morningtime like as a sugar daddy?

Wow Morningtime sounds great. But moving away from romance for a second tell me, just what is Maimai like?

An alien?

Oh. Anyway if given the choice to travel anywhere in the world (or being with Maimai, the universe) where would you go and with whom? Obviously your first choice would be to bed with Morningtime but away from romance to where and who with?

Like Morning Musume went last year? Great. Why France?

You’ve obviously never met CDevil.

Anyway Nakajima Saki thank you!

Nakajima Saki was not being interviewed by Morningtime. It was err…someone else. Yes. *Nods* Nor did Morningtime edit the interview in any way. No. The editing was also done by someone else. Honest. *Whistles*

Anyway to finish off the dvd there’s a little making-of segment. It does include this little bit of cuteness…

So am I Nacky. So am I.

Ah but I already ate in bed. I had fish. >.>

Anyway to finish off what did Nacky think of making this dvd?

You didn’t.

I’ll take about 52 minutes as that’s how long it is. Anyway Nakajima Saki thank you for being such a cute idol. Until next time bye bye!

Ah Nacky-chan…even if she didn’t talk much it was still great to see her get a solo dvd. I hope there are more Nacky dvd’s to come in the future. Prefereably with some talking and some activities too though.


7 responses to “Parcel of WIN/Nakajima Saki Hidamari DVD

  1. Ah Nacky is so cute. So was this post. 🙂

    Oh, and… KANKAN! ♥ (That is her nickname, yes. Just helping you spread the word. XD)

  2. “You’ve obviously never been to France” Fixed 😀

    I don’t ‘dislike’ France, OK I do, but it’s mainly just Paris I hate >_<……thinking about it now fills me with rage! HOW CAN EVERYONE IN C-UTE LOVE FRANCE!? HOWWWWWWWWWWWW!?!?!?! D:

    • Perhaps…they’ve never been there? XD

      Actually I quite liked Paris. It was hot and some of the people were really friendly. The others were really rude but funny because of it. There’s something about someone being really rude and everyone just laughing at them for it. 😀

  3. I just had to leave a comment on this one.

    LOVE your description/story/interview of our release.

    You capped the right moments to answer your Questions.

    Made my day ^^

    Wonder if you’ll do others fromt he DVD’s we’re working on.

    We should have Miyabi’s done soon, as well as Wada’s.
    Not too sure if you have interest in them. =P

    • Even if I don’t have that much interest (at least not in Maasa) I may be interested in the interview sections anyway. Reminds me a bit of my old Yorosen reviews. XD

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