Personalised Signed H!P Photos

Last week was both a good week and a bad week I guess. The bad side was of course the terrible earthquake and tsunami in Japan. I would like to take this opportunity to send my condolences to those affected. The images I have seen are just mind-boggling. The sheer scale of the tragedy is pretty much incomprehensible.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to call the majority of British newspapers sensationalistic scum. Big headlines of panic and impending nuclear-fallout doom which owe more to trying to get big sales than they do to actual even-handed and intelligent reporting of facts just piss me off. Maybe these papers should stick to what they do best…reporting on the love lives of bland non-entity celebrities. >.>

Now on to the good news. Firstly I spent last week with my which was wonderful. ^^ Also during the week a large and somewhat expensive package arrived. I say “somewhat expensive” and with postage and a customs charge seriously…don’t even ask! >< What was this package? Well it was a little order I’d put in to the Hello! Project fan club a few months ago…

Personalised autographed pics from my two favourite current H!P members. My name in their handwriting. *Faints* I can’t begin to describe what it’s like looking at these pics. They come framed which adds to the quality. The border colour compliments the colour of the clothes worn by the members. And the size…well for comparison I held one up to a signed poster…

Impressive enough! 😀 Then there’s also the nice little silver panel at the bottom…

These items are expensive but when you really admire an idol it’s the kind of one-off expense it’s worth making. 🙂 These are very much a once-only type of buy I think (well certainly in my budget) but seeing your favourite members autograph and seeing your name written there by them gives a great feeling of inner warmth. XD I wonder what Ai-chan (and especially) Nacky thought when they had to write a western name? Ai probably writes quite a few each time but Nacky? I can imagine them both double-checking the spelling and practising writing the name a few times first. 😀

Anyway these two items are the jewel in my collection of Hello! Project items. Despite my sometimes sarky sense of humour I love H!P and these two members have given me so much pleasure over the years. I am thrilled to have these items. 🙂


13 responses to “Personalised Signed H!P Photos

  1. I think Aichan and Nacky must have thought, what a fitting last name for a Morning Musume fan. Congrats on the lovely purchase, Mr. Johnathan Morningtime. XD Are you going to hang them on that wall? Take down the posters?

    • I joined the fan club last year. Then I checked the goods available each month. Eventually one month they were offering these personalised signed pics from the five Momusu members plus three of C-ute. The previous month they’d offered Mano and the other two C-ute members. Since then the Berryz Members have also been offered. No S/mileage yet though. Oh and the month Eri, Junjun and Linlin graduated they offered them too. 🙂

  2. wow nice, I got a new person to get jealous at x_x

    anyway, nice blog ^_^ been visiting ur blog few days and interesting post lol, will add u into my blogroll ^^ [in blogspot]

  3. If this oppertunity arised again, were Saki’s will hand sign a picture are you willing to get one for me, if I pay of course. I am a huge fan of her, possibly rivaling you even! It would mean sooo much to me! How much did they cost anyway? I am very willing to pay!

    • I wouldn’t be able to. It is only available to fan club members and then only available to the named member. So I couldn’t get one in someone else’s name.

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