Morningtime Interviews…Natsuyaki Miyabi

Hello! Fansubs have subbed the Natsuyaki Miyabi e-Hello dvd. So feel free to check it out. But first here for your delectation is exclusive excerpts from Morningtime’s one to one interview with the equine idol herself.

Miyabi thank you so much for taking time out from your busy schedule of singing, dancing, rehearsing, touring, pv shooting, sugar lump eating and racing in the 2:15 at Doncaster to be interviewed by me. So first up why the long face?

The crow? I was thinking of something far bigger.

Your head is unusually shaped. What do you think is your charm point?

Ah I see. Today your coat seems especially luscious. I take it this is your winter coat? Is there a benefit to this?

So being a horse can fit in with the idol kawaii aesthetic. That’s lucky.

What do you do during your spare time when you aren’t working for Hello! Project or preparing for a three mile jump race? How do you relax? Do you go for a sprint across open fields or something?

Sounds like fun.

Berryz Koubou or Boring Berryz as they are otherwise known have been around for a while now. Yet the only member who really stands out is Batshit Insanity. Are there any plans for the rest of you to stop being boring and start being more entertaining?

Yes but how are you going to do it?



Yeah I don’t think that will really help.

The most famous jump race in the world, The Grand National, is only a few weeks away and I believe you have been entered to run in it. Being entered to run in such a prestigious horse race must really make you happy?

I was right then. A lot of the credit must go to your trainer Tsunku who of course spotted you as a filly. He has encouraged you a lot hasn’t he? He has really raised you well and…

Yes you are what is known in horse racing as a stayer. A horse that doesn’t mind the longer trip such as a three or four mile race. You seem adept at that. This may give you a chance in the National. I would say your stamina is your main strength…

Yes. you do. Do you think it will be a slow tactical race or maybe given the likely ground in April something a bit more lung-bursting and fast?

I see. And who do you think some of your main rivals will be in the race?

Yes there’s always such a big field of runners in that race. Up to 40 usually. I see you’ve mentioned three horses trained by Berryz bandmate Shimizu Saki. Those being She’s The Captain, Our Second Captain and She’s Like A Captain. There must be a big rivalry there? I bet you’d love to beat her horses?

I wish you the best of luck.

Any more ideas on how to make the Berryz more interesting?

I’ll take that as a no then.

Finally, spending last night with me, what was it like? What did you think at first?

And afterwards?

Oh good. ^^ Natsuyaki Miyabi, the pleasure was all yours.

Grand National Odds…

Hmm…I should have asked her why she was wearing her tail around her neck. 😛


3 responses to “Morningtime Interviews…Natsuyaki Miyabi

  1. Charm point, small fur ears? XD This was even funnier than the Reina one. I think Miya is really pretty though.

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