Morningtime Interviews…Tanaka Reina

A subbing group called RS (no idea what that stands for. Maybe Reina Subs?) Have subbed an e-hello dvd starring…well…guess. So without further ado I present to you exclusive screencaps of Morningtime’s interview with Tanaka Reina. This is the second in a series of interviews I will be conducting over the coming months (possibly). The first was my interview with Nakajima Saki which can be found here. I will also interview Natsuyaki Miyabi at her field at some stage in the future. Providing I can buy enough sugar lumps to keep her happy. Wait…that was a lot of ado so I lied. Okay so after a lot of ado here is Morningtime’s interview with Tanaka Reina. Let the wonky love begin…

So Reina thank you for agreeing to be interviewed by me. I’ve long admired your photobooks. My favourite being your Alo-Hello one which you did when you must have been…what…17? How old are you now?

Too old. >.> Anyway there’s been a lot of talk about you looking like a streetwalker. For instance in the pv to Resonant Blue and in every single private photo or blog photo of you that has ever appeared. What do you say to this?

Uhuh…so you ARE a whore. Being an idol doesn’t that present difficulties?


Ah I guess that would be difficult. Where do you go?

I bet you’d be tired. Do you have a solution to that?

Of course! You can sleep afterwards. You must ‘meet’ a lot of people. Maybe more than one at a time?

Oh. Even so…you get to meet a lot of people in your job right? You must have a big appetite?

Yes. Moving on from prostitution you are one of the main singers in Momusu alongside Takahashi Ai. What’s it like being one of the two main leads? How would you sum it up in one word?

Karaoke? Why is that?

Ah…yes…sales aren’t as high as they used to be are they? Anyway to combat this Tsunku recently added four new young members. As a senpai how have you dealt with the kyuukies?

You’re a very cruel yankii. Of course you are also a senpai to 8th gen member Mitsui Aika and you seem to be paired together a lot. Is this also true of your private lives? Do you hang out together?

So you do go out with her then?

Ah I don’t blame you. Moving on and what’s been the most surprising thing you have found in your career so far?

Not THAT career. Your career in Morning Musume. Tut. Well finally…what was it like spending the night with me last night? ^^ What did you think at first?

I know. It was really hard. I thought all the blood rushing from my head would make me faint. And afterwards?

Why thank you. 😀 And what was your favourite position?

No just one ideally.

Your butt? That’s what I thought.

You certainly are. Tanaka Reina thank you!


10 responses to “Morningtime Interviews…Tanaka Reina

  1. Haha, Reina is who she is… XD Funny. I especially liked the kyuukies part. Looking forward to the Miya interview… oh and Sayu!

  2. It’s quite clear she’s just making excuses to avoid going out with Mitsui! >.>
    ‘I can sing all out and nobody will notice’ was the part that got me. This is perfect! 😀

    BTW my blog has moved (and evolved to a more general idol one), so if you could update the blogroll link and the name (it’s the 12th on the list).. possibly disregarding the fact that it’s been 6 months and I’m still completing my blogroll.. I’d be grateful 😉

      • Yeah, that might be a problem. But that’s just the address (which may be changed in the future, since WP allows it as far as I remember), so to avoid this you can list the blog’s name instead of its “48” address 🙂

      • That is correct, they better not get their hopes up 😛

        Thank you for updating the link, I have added you too, of course.

  3. Ahahaha! I’m laughing so hard right now =D
    Your Reina jokes are epic !

    Sometimes I wonder whats running through your mind ^^

    I’d take some of those kyukkie pillows ❤

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