Morningtime Interviews…Momoko Tsugunaga

Momoko Tsugunaga let’s get straight to the point. Last night…why did you break into my hotel room and molest me?

Uhuh. I wasn’t too happy at first though. I mean I was trying to sleep! Didn’t you take the hint from my attitude?

Yeah…to be fair that worked. What was your favourite part of the night?

Well I’ve never heard it called that before.

I was quite surprised by some of the positions you took?

Yes well…getting back…was nice. >.>

Oral sex?

^^ The Holy Grail for most guys. The biggest turn on of all!

Err…yes…yes it does…of course. >.>

Why were you wearing a school uniform though?

O-O I was certainly feeling younger. Ahem.

Err…moving on you have been in Hello! Project a long time now. You have had many top ten singles, been in a film, appeared in musicals, been batshit insane, what ambitions do you have left?

Huh? China?

Okay…why China?

Have you been taking tips on international diplomacy from Kamei Eri and Tanaka Reina? Next you will be putting shoe polish on your face and saying you are African or something.

How about your career after you leave Berryz Koubou? Which, if you are taking diplomacy tips from Eri & Reina, will probably be in the not too distant future? You must have thought about the time after H!P? You must have plans?

Ah I see. You will work in a maid cafe?

It is. Wearing the costume…

Yes I bet there’d be a lot of older men in there staring away?

So the allure of maturity is strong then. Anyway that’s about all we have time for. Momoko thank you for being my school alarm clock last night. I hope we can do this again some time.

Result! 😀

Tsugunaga Momoko you are…


No. You are too old and not moody enough. I was going to say Momoko Tsugunaga you are batshit insane but I think you’ve beaten me to it. Regardless thank God you are. After all how much less interesting would the Berryz be without you? Significantly less!


Momoko Tsugunaga’s dvd Momo Play has been subtitled by Hello! Fansubs. It’s available here.

Momoko Tsugunaga is currently still in Berryz Koubou but those maid cafes are always looking to hire.

Morningtime retired from interviewing after the great Dawa racism scandal and saw out his days trying to figure out if he really existed or was in fact just a comedy creation of somebody with a warped, deviant sense of humour. He disappeared just as he stated he was on the brink of making a breakthrough discovery. Some people say he was abducted by UFA to keep certain secrets about the true parentage of Mitsui Aika from making it into the public domain. Others say he became a fan of AKB48 and wanked himself to death. One thing is for sure…when he disappeared Aya Matsuura sure had a smug grin on her face. Oh it was probably nothing to do with his disappearance…she just always does have a smug grin on her face.


8 responses to “Morningtime Interviews…Momoko Tsugunaga

  1. I already commented on this post, just want to say I can see the original interview part wasn’t very long so you did a good job… but wait… I just read the last paragraph again. Morningtime… disappeared? O-O

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