Picture Headlines!

Nacky wants YOU to join the Navy!

Yes Nacky wants seamen.


Morningtime’s readership on drugs?

Momoko laughs evilly as she hurts a little child…

That’ll teach you to answer ‘C-ute’ when I ask you who your favourite group is.”

Answer to age-old conundrum revealed. What came first the chicken or the egg?

That’s easy. It’s the chicken. Three of them weren’t even Eggs anyway and the one who was came way after the chicken…what? Why are you groaning? >.>

Desperate for better sales Berryz Koubou trial a new type of meet and greet using Momoko Tsugunaga…

Well I guess it involves a hand and shaking. I think this is one of those times a Japanese person not knowing how long to grip and shake for could be a good thing. ^^

Talking of Johnsons Iida Kaori has been pictured in an interesting pose.

I wonder if another ex Momusu member is just out of shot?

Wait…yeah…there probably is. It’s probably Yuko…

No wonder she has never married.

During a tv filming session Michishige Sayumi’s mind wanders off to her ‘business’ meeting with Tsunku the night before…

The phrase “a stalking horse” is given a new meaning…

Reina warned over bringing her ‘other’ job into her idol career…

H!P’s airbrushers had to work overtime with that clip. O-o

Reina then moves on to pimping…

She’s young and cute. Just check out the merchandise. I can do you a good deal.

Mitsui Aika photographed before visiting the make-up artist/team of cgi experts who normally make her appear human…well human ish…

Rumours of a rift in the Buono camp as Airi is caught doing an impression of Miyabi…


Rumours emerge that Yoshizawa Hitomi is taking the piss…

…From Hello! Project Eggs? O-O (Read the label on the glass).

Ai-chan and Maimi advertise new children’s toy…

“Get your purse out and you too can buy Mr Bumface today!”

Junjun and Linlin unveil plan to retake Japan by storm…

Well okay not by storm. But it wouldn’t be a bad name for a Transformer. I’m not actually sure what his name is though but Tsunku is gonna pay. Oh yeah Tsunku is gonna pay.

Finally Morningtime’s horrific nightmares reach a haunting crescendo with his worst one yet. What if…



2 responses to “Picture Headlines!

    • It’s from some tv drama I think but I’m not sure. I’ve never seen the actual scene just that pic. ><

      I'd quite like to see the scene. XD ^^

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